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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Potato Latkes Redux...and A Short Photo Diary

Potato Latkes | Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

 **Updated to include video at the end of this post**

Did December come especially fast this year?
I barely had time to finish my second helping of turkey,
when N-o-v was suddenly replaced with D-e-c.

Not only that, but I totally spaced out that 
Hanukkah comes early this year...December 6th
(Jewish holidays are always early or late, never on time)
Not as early as a couple of years ago, 
when we had "Thanksgivukah"...
but early enough to send me into a tizzy because 
not a gift had been purchased, and the menorah
and dreidels were still buried deep in the back of a cabinet.

Now, I am running around like a chicken without a head 
trying to get it together by Sunday,
when we will have our little family celebration.
 I decided to give myself a little blog break this week, 
and bring back this recipe from a couple of years ago.
I'd only been blogging a short time, so hopefully it is "new" to most of you.
Pardon the photos in that post...I've come a long way since then!

Before you click over to the recipe,
I thought we'd catch up a bit.
Remember when I used to post my monthly photo diaries?  
I kind of miss it, but not enough to get back to it full throttle. 
Here are just a few snaps from the last few months.  

Thanksgiving at my cousin's. 
I made the turkey!

The day after Thanksgiving, Aunt Goo Shoes and I 
went to see Fiddler on the Roof on Broadway.
Unfortunately, we were both disappointed.   

Nevertheless, I think we'll make going to see a Broadway show our annual Black Friday "Tradition"
(a little Fiddler humor there, heh heh).

 Oh, deer, look who's at the bird bath.

Junior Goo Shoes got his driver's permit
(I got a few more gray hairs)!

Ten-year reunion in September with former colleagues in Virginia included a wine tasting at Breaux Vineyards.

Very special birthday celebration in October with my BFF, at Eleven Madison Park, one of the top restaurants in the world!

Fall tablescape that I never got to post about. Oh, well. 

Rain droplets.

Foggy morning in the backyard. 

Caught in the act. Blurry, because I took it through the window.

I bet you thought I forgot about the latkes.
Click here for Aunt Goo Shoes' (aka my sister) recipe.
You didn't think I would make these, did you?  

Just for laughs, here's a cute video on how to make latkes.

 Latke Recipe: The Maccabeats


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  1. That picture of the vineyards is so pretty! I am working on planning a fall trip to northern Michigan vineyards for 2016. Now that my girls are both 21+ I want to take them along.

  2. Beautiful pictures Amy. Loved scrolling down them all this morning. The deer getting a little drink is adorable.

  3. I vaguely remember your monthly posts. The spread looked great :). We still have some turkey..better throw it out :/.

  4. I vaguely remember your monthly posts. The spread looked great :). We still have some turkey..better throw it out :/.

  5. Oh my gosh I LOVE that photo of your foggy backyard - what an absolutely beautiful space!!! Aren't you lucky to look out at that beauty every day!!

  6. I don't think the photos are bad. I love the dreidel, gorgeous. Isn't it the worst when Thanksgiving is later? At least we have a few weeks. Great picture of the fog too but the pine with the raindrops.


  7. Amy,
    An early Hanukkah wish from me. OMGosh potato Latkes, growing up Polish I fell in love with these on Sunday's served with apple sauce. John and I make them from scratch and love them. Well even if the play was disappointing the PlayBill is still über cool... Tell Jr. Goo Shoes to keep his eyes on the road and his foot not heavy on the pedal. Deer photo is sweet - BUT- OMG the squirrel one, blurry or not totally rocks! Notice he was snacking on your pumpkin like they do here too.

  8. Those latkes look wonderful!. That was a fun recap of the month. I have been gone here and there so it was fun to catch up for me. xo Diana

  9. Love your mini photo diary. I still like to put one together now and then. My son absolutely loves potato latkes but I don't think I will ever make them.....too much work! Some friends of ours made them at our house for us one time and my son couldn't get enough.

  10. What a great month you had. Lovely photos, naughty squirrel and all, and Fiddler...oh my...and tradition is a good thing. I really want to have your Latke recipe as they look just like my grandmother's and she left no recipes to anyone. Thanks, Sandi

  11. I enjoyed reading your post and looking at your lovely photo's.
    Especially liked the one of the deer at the bird bath ...

    Sending my good wishes for December

    All the best Jan

  12. Hi Amy, the food looks so goo for Thanksgiving. Thanks for sharing the photos.
    Have a nice week. Julie

  13. Those potato latkes look amazing. I loooove potatoes. How fun to make a tradition of going to see a Broadway play... Too bad you were disappointed with the fiddler :-/

  14. Your pictures are fantastic Amy! I love your "tradition" (sung with Gusto) of going to see a show on Black Friday. The potato latkes look so delicious - another wonderful tradition!

  15. I'm sitting in the office, a little hungry, how are you such delights, yum, yum. Potato pancakes makings of a weekend :-)
    Photo of roe deer in the fog and garden are beautiful.
    Joyous Hanukkah!

  16. LOL. I will never forget about the latkes, they are my favorite. A friend of mine throws a latke party each year when everyone brings a plate of latke made from whatever they fancy. Of course, half the people bring sweet potato latke, all the rage just now, but that's a risk you take when you let your guests run wild.

  17. Mmm ... I love latkes! Now I need a reason to make some. Love the photos!

  18. Happy Hanukah, then! Sorry, I didn't realise it came so soon this year! I hope you had time to cook ;)


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