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Thursday, February 25, 2016

DIY Mason Jar Wedding Centerpieces

Do you know anyone who is getting married in the near future?
I've got three weddings to go to in the next year --
one in a barn, one more traditional...
and the third is still in the planning stages.
Weddings are no longer cookie-cutter events,
but highly personalized to capture the personalities of the couples.   

When we got married, 
I thought we were breaking the mold
by having a somewhat non-traditional wedding.
50 guests were invited to the United Nations Plaza Hotel,
where we had a classy cocktail party.
No sit down dinner, just lots of hors d'oeuvres and dessert.
No band, just a piano player. 
Oh, and there were gorgeous sweeping views of New York City
on a spectacular sunny and warm day in April.

It was perfect. 

Yet, I can't help but think of what I'd do if we were getting married now. 
Maybe a destination wedding?
Planning a wedding nowadays has changed so much since we got married. 

There was no Pinterest to find and collect inspiration;
just magazines with photos to be torn out. 

There were no virtual wedding planner apps;
you had to sit down face-to-face with someone. 
There was no Google to search "Wedding Venues;"
nope, you had to look in the Yellow Pages to find what you were looking for.   

There were no personal websites for the bride and groom to tell their love story;
Nuh-uh, you had to ask them, "so how did you meet?" 

Speaking of things that have changed, remember when mason jars 
were used primarily for canning?
Now, they are used for all kinds of things, including weddings.

In fact, it's Wedding In A Jar week, over at A Little CLAIREification.
Claire asked me to take a crack at a wedding jar idea,
and I came up with "DIY Mason Jar Wedding Centerpieces."
Click here to see what I did.
I think they came out pretty nice.
Just between us, they'd be great for any kind of party,
not just weddings!

By the way, I know that many of you had trouble leaving comments at Claire's in the past.
She has fixed the problem, so comment away!

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  1. Hi Amy, your wedding jar floral arrangements are just beautiful!

  2. It is absolutely beautiful, as are all of your projects. Being from the South, I have always, always loved mason jars, and was so pleasantly surprised when they became a "thing" a few years back! During my I-don't-want-to-be-a-lawyer-anymore phase, I semi-professionally styled a few events including barn wedding where I used them in copious amounts. I have loved having them since then and am sure you'll pull these out often!

  3. Hi Amy, I think your centerpiece looks fabulous. The mason jars are a great idea and perfect for the barn wedding. Your wedding in New York sounds beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Joan-My Cookie Clinic

  4. That are very pretty and upbeat. I like the complete UN-stuffiness. They would be cute sitting on a bed of jelly beans too.

  5. Love them! I like simple paired with pretty.

  6. So.....did I ever tell you I'm a wedding planner? Needless to say this post struck a chord...

  7. Our daughter married three short years ago in a small garden wedding at a historic house in Lexington. She wanted small. After attending some verly large affairs. Ha. And...she wanted a sweet Sunday afternoon wedding and tea type reception. All was lovely but very simple. But you know...I still love to look at wedding ideas. I have a maybe my ideas will be needed sometime in the future. Sheila

  8. Hi Amy,
    Love that "wedding in a jar"! Your floral creation looks gorgeous with lights. The fabric wrapped around looks 3D. Darling, daring and dramatic.

  9. Wedding jars look great! I read and thought about my wedding. There is no restaurant in which it was. The food was not the best but then did not pay attention to it. Dress still hanging in the closet :-) and the husband is still the same :-)
    I greet warmly

  10. I like the sound of your wedding, Amy, stylish and different. And the mason jar bouquets are lovely as well.

  11. Those wedding jars look great, lovely colours there.

    All the best Jan

  12. You are so right about how much weddings have changed. Mine was VERY traditional and not flashy in the least! I got married in a Methodist church and our reception was in the fellowship hall of the church. Simple and classic. We did have a wedding planner though so that helped make sure everything went according to plan. I remember my mom fussing over the invitations to make sure they were proper and traditional. We had the kind that look engraved with the multiple envelopes and onion paper. It was classic ivory with black writing and had to be worded properly. I'm so surprised how casual people's wedding invitations are now these days! They are far from traditional. Looking forward to seeing what you did with those jars.

  13. Very Pretty and a great tutorial...who knew mason jars would become the go to ---ivy bowl of the 90's...OMG I did so many ivy bowl decorations for my work ...that I wanted to break everyone of them in the, very cute----and sophisticated take on a mason jar.Thanks, Sandi

  14. I am going to borrow this for my dining room centerpiece. I really like the idea of the tray under the jar-- it rounds off the arrangement nicely, and it is versatile. Thanks for sharing, Amy!

  15. These are SO gorgeous!! I had a destination wedding, which was wonderful. We got married in New Orleans with immediate family present, then had a larger reception later. Your wedding sounds like it was beautiful!


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