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Sunday, September 18, 2016



Hello, friends! 
My guest blogger today is Brenda, from Cozy Little House.
I am thrilled that she agreed to share her Favorite Things with you!
Brenda is well-known in the blogging community,
but in case you aren't familiar with her blog, 
I encourage you to stop by and visit with her in her cozy abode. 
Two adorable pupsters are likely to meet you at the door!
Brenda is constantly re-painting, and re-arranging her patio apartment in Oklahoma,
as well as musing about whatever happens to be on her mind. 
A self-proclaimed coffee lover, nature lover and country girl,
Brenda is a talented wordsmith and photographer, who truly writes from the heart. 

Take it away, Brenda!

I do love my morning coffee. I love the scent as it starts dripping into the carafe.

Morning is my favorite time of day. Everything is a blank canvas, full of possibilities. 

Andrew is my two and a half year old grandson, and I adore him. Watching him grow and change and evolve. I see him on Saturdays and read him lots of books.

I love my 10 year old pupsters. They are my constant and beloved companions that never leave my side.

I love my gardens. The sight of a speck of green peeking out of the dirt in early spring, that eventually becomes a bloom.

I love the sight of falling leaves come fall. Watching out the windows as they drift lazily to the ground and scatter in the wind.

I love the sound of water. I listen to a sound machine all night that I always have turned to rain.

I love to take my camera and go exploring. I like to tell a story with my photos. 

In terms of food, I like what's easy. And of course, chocolate!

I love my patio with the new green gazebo. 

I love nature. Watching birds come to my little yard. The sight of squirrels jumping from tree branch to tree branch. 

I love back-to-back old episodes of any Law & Order show in existence.

I am fond of The Blacklist and Criminal Minds, though two of the main characters have left the show and I don't see how it will work without them.

I love the sound of silence.

I have a lot of favorite things!


Please stop by and say hello to Brenda over at Cozy Little House.

Favorite Things will be back on Sunday, October 2.


  1. A lot of your faves Brenda are mine too. Thanks Amy for having Brenda over today to share her favorites with us. Have a great new week.

  2. I used to follow her but her blog had a virus and destroyed my computer. Also she preaches frugality but shops constantly and spends a lot of money. Not true to what she claims to be

  3. Hi Amy, I enjoyed reading about Brenda's favorite things and a few are mine too!!

  4. I'm so glad you featured Brenda's blog, Amy - I love her cozy home and she's such a talented blogger and writer!

  5. Hi Amy! That patio area is so colorful and I love the green gazebo! We recently got a pergola this year for our patio and it is so nice. I have to agree, mornings are like a nice empty canvas!


  6. Brenda and I have a lot of the same favorite things. Coffee and that lime green gazebo are on top of the list!!

  7. I love Brenda and this is SO her! Thanks for having a great gal to feature!


  8. Brenda's blog is a favourite of mine! She is a lovely soul ♥

  9. I like some of those things too. I think it's nice that Brenda spends every Saturday with her grandson. That is awesome! I think all kids enjoy spending time with their grandparents and vice/versa. I know many of her favorites are what she shares on her blog too. I can appreciate the sound of silence too. Many people don't stop and just listen to it. It really is refreshing in a world with so much noise around us to just shut everything off from time to time.


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