Tuesday, July 29, 2014

World's Easiest Nutella Recipe -- and the Nutella Bar in NYC

#Nutella + Plain Yogurt = Nutella Yogurt! A very satisfying snack --- Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

Do you like Nutella?
Do you like yogurt?

Well, I have invented an amazing concoction,
and I think it just may be the easiest Nutella recipe ever!

#Nutella + Plain Yogurt = Nutella Yogurt! A very satisfying snack --- Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

Actually, Nutella on a spoon may be the simplest recipe,
but just take it one step further...
and mix that spoonful of Nutella into some plain yogurt,
and you have got custom-made
Nutella-flavored yogurt!

#Nutella + Plain Yogurt = Nutella Yogurt! A very satisfying snack --- Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

I thought you might need to see the photos 
for the step-by-step preparation...
This is very complicated stuff!

#Nutella + Plain Yogurt = Nutella Yogurt! A very satisfying snack --- Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

I refuse to google "Nutella Yogurt", 
or look on Pinterest,
because I don't want to see 
that someone else has already thought of this.
When I come up with a great recipe,
I think it's only fair that I get to bask in the glory
of thinking I'm a culinary genius...
even if it's only in my own mind, lol.

#Nutella + Plain Yogurt = Nutella Yogurt! A very satisfying snack --- Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

Oh my, my, my, this is tasty!

I think you know by now
that I happen to like my Nutella.
(no, that is not the inside of my cabinet).

#Nutella + Plain Yogurt = Nutella Yogurt! A very satisfying snack --- Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

My friend, Beth, over at
Goodness, Gracious, Living
emailed me a couple of months ago 
to ask if I knew about the Nutella Bar in New York City.

Well, no, in fact, I did not!
This called for an investigation,
so a couple of months ago,
when I had some time to kill in Manhattan,
I headed downtown to Eataly...
an enormous upscale Italian food market... 
where the Nutella Bar is housed. 
It even has its own entrance. 

#Nutella Bar at Eataly, NYC--- Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

I hadn't been to Eataly,
so this turned out to be an extra-fun excursion.
If you like to eat food...
or shop for food...
or just look at food...  
you should absolutely add this 
to your list of things to do in NYC.

But I was on a mission, 
and headed straight through,
ignoring stands of fresh mozzarella,
pasta and panini bars, and olive oil displays,
until I found what I came for. 

#Nutella Bar at Eataly, NYC--- Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

Let's just say that wall-to-wall Nutella
can make a girl weak in the knees.  

#Nutella Bar at Eataly, NYC--- Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

I was about to order something crazy-fattening,
like a brioche, or crepe with Nutella...
but I pulled myself together
and settled for some crusty bread with a shmear.*

#Nutella Bar at Eataly, NYC--- Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

(*Translation: a "shmear" is NYC deli lingo meaning "spread of," 
usually in reference to cream cheese on a bagel.
"I'll have an 'everything' bagel with a shmear, please.")

 Everyone seemed to be enjoying 
their Nutella snacks.
Can't you tell by the looks on their faces, lol? 
 No, they are not extras in a horror movie, 
but I had to blur them out, since I didn't ask everyone there
if they wanted their mugs plastered all over my blog.

#Nutella Bar at Eataly, NYC--- Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

The Nutella Bar is a fun NYC destination,
but it's nice to know 
that I need only go to my local supermarket
for a Nutella fix. 

Nutella would probably taste good 
 on an old shoe,
but my current fave is to mix it in yogurt.
What's your favorite way
to eat Nutella?

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Monday, July 28, 2014

A WINNER! Where in the World is Ms. Toody?

Are you ready to find out 
who won the
"Where in the World is Ms. Toody" contest?
There was great consensus that I was
in the southeastern part of the US,
with most of you thinking
that I was in Florida.

Someone guessed that I was 
in the Charleston/Sullivan Island 
area of South Carolina,
and she was almost on the money
(in fact, we did head into Charleston
a few times)... 
but unfortunately, she did not answer 
my numerous messages to her :(
  So, I went with the next closest guess.

from ON THE ROAD AGAIN--Travels with Linda and Jim.
who guessed that I was in Beaufort, SC....
which is about 82 miles from where we were.
But as the crow flies
or more appropriately, the pelican...
it's even closer than that!
We actually spent the last two weeks on Kiawah Island, SC,
a barrier island on the coast, 
which is less than 25 miles from Charleston.

Honorable Mention goes to
Rosella, from Rhubarb and Roses,
who was the first person to guess 
that I was in South Carolina.
Check your mailbox, Rosella,
for little souvenir from Kiawah!

About the "clues"...

The big, wide beach is "West Beach" on Kiawah Island...
The bird is a Heron -- Great Blue, I think,
common to the low country area.
Yes, that is a fried green tomato, not a crabcake.
Swampy marsh grass, 
seen all over the low country
is in the bottom right corner.
The tree is the magnificent "Angel Oak,"
which is located nearby on Johns Island. 
The alligator is one of hundreds
found on Kiawah Island.

I had so much fun shopping around
for goodies made in the Kiawah area!
I'm packing them all up, 
and shipping them to Linda.
I hope she likes what I'm sending!

Thanks to everyone for playing along...
I'll definitely do this again,
the next time I travel, 
wherever and whenever that may be! 

Kiawah was an incredible place...
so different from other places we've been.
More photos of Kiawah Island are coming soon!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Where in the World is Ms. Toody? (and a Giveaway!)

Can you guess where in the world I am?

Take a guess... 
and leave me a comment,
and I will send a small souvenir 
to whoever comes closest (in miles) 
to my vacation location. 

Please list a city/state/country,
because if you say "Antartica" or 
"The Equator,"
it will be hard for me to include you in the contest.
In the event of a tie,
I will select the person who leaves
the first comment with the correct (or closest) location.

In order to receive the gift,
I will need a way to contact you,
so if you are not a blogger with a link back, 
please leave an email address in your comment. 

After I contact the winner,
 I'll need to hear back from you within 48 hours, 
otherwise, I'll select the next closest person.

Oh, and if you are a friend or relative
who knows where I am,
I'm sorry to say that you are not eligible :(

Good luck, y'all!