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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Reflections Through My Office Windows

Just how long is it, working at the same company for three decades? I'll tell's so long, even I can barely remember starting there! When I was working, I didn’t really notice how time was creeping up on me, but now and then, I got a jolt to remind me that the years were passing. This usually occurred when I saw someone in the elevator that I hadn’t seen for awhile, and thought,
“Holy cow! She's got grey hair!” Fortunately for me, being an older mom with a young child kept me immune from the aging process. I'm pretty sure I'm still as young as I was the day I began my career.

Now that I’ve put some distance between me and my former home-away-from-home, I took a peek through my office windows to see just what transpired during my 32-year work tenure in the television industry:

  • My life status changed from single, to married, to pregnant, to parent.
  • I lived in two houses, three apartments, and two states.
  • I had four bosses, six job titles, seven different offices, and so many assistants, I can’t even remember them all.
  • Half of the people who worked for me weren’t even born when I started my job.
  • I watched history in the making on my office TV: Lady Di and Prince Charles’ wedding, the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion, OJ Simpson’s “not guilty” verdict, and the second plane hitting the World Trade Center. 
  • TV technology advanced from only being able to watch TV during "real" time, to recording Three’s Company on my VCR, to TiVo-ing The West Wing, to watching True Blood on my iPhone. 
Holy Crap. That’s a long time. I’m done looking back.  It makes me feel old. It’s time to look ahead.  I think I’ll sign up for a Zumba class tomorrow!



  1. Amy -
    So nice to "meet" you and a belated welcome to blog land! So glad you found our "Best Of The Weekend" party. You probably saw my own "About Me" section but I am a Mom to three boys and am on year 22 working in Television Production {Producer and UPM}. For several years my home corporate office was at 1515 Broadway although I was based in FL, as always. Love visiting NYC.
    Monday marks my 9 month blogging anniversary. Some days I think I am crazy {um, especially on shoot days} but I am having so much fun with it and have met SO many amazing bloggy friends. None of whom work/worked in TV, aside from a few appearances for blog tips etc., until now. They think it's "glamorous". Hehe, yeah right. ;)
    Glad we connected! If you get a chance, pop me an email - I have a tip {if you want it} for labeling your pics that will make them much easier for others to Pin.
    Congrats again on the feature yesterday!
    {email: claire at alittleclaireification dot com}

  2. Hi Claire,
    Thanks for reaching out! I sent you an email.

  3. I've just found your blog, Amy, and look forward to peeking at everything.

    It really touched me when I read that you witnessed the second tower on 9/11. I once met a fellow who told me he had lost his sister, Stacey Peak, that horrendous day. Having said that, each time I hear it mentioned I remember him.

    Don't mind me, I might be here a while. :)

    1. Hi Sally, I am so happy that you found my blog, and please stay as long as you like! Yes, being in NYC on 9/11 was...well, terrifying. I still think of it most days that I go into the city, all these years later.

  4. I remember 911 very clearly. I was having dinner with my family watching our favorite Hong Kong TV drama while eating, then the drama was interrupted with footage of one of the World Trade Centers on fire, and soon we saw the footage of a second plane flying into another tower. My brother dropped his chopsticks because he was so shocked. Our family visited Windows of the World in one of our summer vacation in the 90s... for seeing what we saw on TV in Hong Kong was very traumatizing to us because we all realized that could very well happen when we were there....


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