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Monday, July 28, 2014

A WINNER! Where in the World is Ms. Toody?

Are you ready to find out 
who won the
"Where in the World is Ms. Toody" contest?
There was great consensus that I was
in the southeastern part of the US,
with most of you thinking
that I was in Florida.

Someone guessed that I was 
in the Charleston/Sullivan Island 
area of South Carolina,
and she was almost on the money
(in fact, we did head into Charleston
a few times)... 
but unfortunately, she did not answer 
my numerous messages to her :(
  So, I went with the next closest guess.

from ON THE ROAD AGAIN--Travels with Linda and Jim.
who guessed that I was in Beaufort, SC....
which is about 82 miles from where we were.
But as the crow flies
or more appropriately, the pelican...
it's even closer than that!
We actually spent the last two weeks on Kiawah Island, SC,
a barrier island on the coast, 
which is less than 25 miles from Charleston.

Honorable Mention goes to
Rosella, from Rhubarb and Roses,
who was the first person to guess 
that I was in South Carolina.
Check your mailbox, Rosella,
for little souvenir from Kiawah!

About the "clues"...

The big, wide beach is "West Beach" on Kiawah Island...
The bird is a Heron -- Great Blue, I think,
common to the low country area.
Yes, that is a fried green tomato, not a crabcake.
Swampy marsh grass, 
seen all over the low country
is in the bottom right corner.
The tree is the magnificent "Angel Oak,"
which is located nearby on Johns Island. 
The alligator is one of hundreds
found on Kiawah Island.

I had so much fun shopping around
for goodies made in the Kiawah area!
I'm packing them all up, 
and shipping them to Linda.
I hope she likes what I'm sending!

Thanks to everyone for playing along...
I'll definitely do this again,
the next time I travel, 
wherever and whenever that may be! 

Kiawah was an incredible place...
so different from other places we've been.
More photos of Kiawah Island are coming soon!


  1. Congrats to the winner of your fun vacation guessing game. Looking forward to more photos of your vacation.

    1. Thanks, Julie! I enjoyed the game, myself! Hoping to get the photos out this weekend!

  2. Congratulations, Linda! :-)

    I love Beaufort, and even though I have been often in the area, I never made it to Kiawah.

    1. I've never been to Beaufort, but I would love to get back to this area sometime!

  3. I look forward to opening my package to see what goodies are included. Thank You! My husband and I love the Low Country and I love fried green tomatoes! We lived in New Orleans for over 20 years and gators and herons are a familiar sight

  4. I love the Charleston area. In fact, I think that's where I lived in my first life - lol! Glad to hear you have a winner and had a great vacation too!

    1. I could live in Charleston -- I loved it! But I'd probably gain 100 pounds from all of that incredible food!

  5. I believe I have never seen pelican flying before. lovely pictures!

    1. They were everywhere, Magali! So amazing to see. When we saw them up close, I couldn't get over how big they were.

  6. We have never been there, but a doctor I use to work for went every summer and rented a house. I have been to Charleston three times and love it.

    1. I loved Charleston, too, Kim. I would love to go back and spend more time there. The whole area is just beautiful!

  7. The Charleston area is fantastic. Great pictures of your visit!

    1. I really loved it there, Michelle. I think I could live in Charleston, just for the food alone!

  8. How fun! You know, that mossy oak did throw me for a loop and I almost said Georgia but I thought that was a conch fritter not a fried green tomato. Guess I love my Florida Native card!! LOL

    1. I guess it could have been a lot of places, but I couldn't make it too easy ;) It was fun -- gonna do it again sometime!

  9. It was the Angel Tree that gave me the clue.....drat that I didn't see your emails (I still don't see them??) - sigh! Thanks for letting me know with a comment on my blog. What a creative idea to have us guess where you are - looks like you all had a grand time! I have yet to try fried green tomatoes - I should go pick one right now and try it :). I sent you an email with my address - hope you get it. Have a fantastic week Amy!

    1. Ah, I was hoping that someone would recognize the tree! I hope by now you have received my little gift! I made my husband try fried green tomatoes when we were there - he loved them!

  10. Well I for one would rather guess where YOU are than Matt Lauer LOL
    Is it too late?
    I'm going to guess Kiawah Island, SC !!!

  11. Well drats! I just knew you might be somewhere in that region. The big tree and the marsh lands made me think the Carolina area may be it. I just couldn't pinpoint it too well. I also thought that fried food was seafood, not a tomato. Bet you had a nice vacation. That's a nice area!

    1. Ah, well, Kelly, you gave it a good shot :) We did have a great time, thanks! I loved the area, and I think I could live in Charleston!

  12. Congrats to the winner! I should have known this lol. Hey congrats on being a contributor over at Claires, I just saw your pretty face on her sidebar.

    1. I swear, if you showed me a photo of around the corner from my house, I probably wouldn't recognized it!

  13. That was a fun little game! It looked a great vacation!

    1. We had a great time, Michelle! I really enjoyed the whole area...and the food was incredible!

  14. Replies
    1. Hmmm...I wish I knew! No plans so far :( But I will do this contest again, for sure!

  15. I've always wanted to go there. How fun.

    1. It was wonderful, Katie! Different than our usual beach getaways up north!

  16. Congrats Linda.
    Glad that you enjoyed your time in S.Carolina. It sounds relaxing. I always look forward to the pictures; thank you for sharing.
    Blessings dear. Catherine


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