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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Creating Tray Vignettes

Lots of ideas for tray vignettes by Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

You know how you get it in your head sometimes 
that you just have to have something?

One night not so long ago, when I couldn't fall asleep, 
I was browsing around Pinterest at about 3:00am (do you ever do that?), 
and noticed lots of pretty vignettes, 
many of which used trays to tie things together. 
My mind was spinning...forget about sleeping...
I was dreaming up tray arrangements till the wee hours.  

In the morning, I high-tailed it over to Home Goods.
I had to have a tray, and I had to have it now.
Luckily I found just what I was looking for,
and I must say, I went a little "tray-zy" coming up with vignettes.

Come and visit me over at a little CLAIREification today,
and I'll show you a few of my faves.
I'd appreciate it if you would leave a comment, 
so I know that you stopped by.

Ready to go? Click here and we'll be off!

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  1. Amy I popped over to take a look. That has happened to me. In a way it's horrible because it plays over and over in your head. You want morning to just get here to get what you need. All were fantastic. Loved the lantern and the tray you found. HG to the rescue


  2. I hate it when that happens. Either looking at things on Pinterest or writing things down and continuing for a couple of hours. I love the collections you have made and in particularly the turtle magnifying glass! Have a wonderful evening xx

  3. Yes, Amy I too am guilty of being up at 3 am. browsing through pinterest too. xo Catherine

  4. Oh yes, Pinterest or blogs at 3 am. Sure, I'm familiar with insomnia. :)

    We have a try on every coffee table but I need new ideas for the vignettes.

  5. I love tray vignettes. I have them all over my house. It makes clutter look pretty!

  6. Visited you over at A Little Claireification ... great post. Hmmm, now I'm thinking I need a tray!

  7. You now have me wanting to go out and buy some trays!!

  8. Hi Amy, I loved looking at your tray-scapes and tried to leave a comment. Not sure if it worked as I got a "Whoops, error" thing.

    Trays will definitely be in my future now!

  9. Burning the past-midnight oil and turning it into inspirational moments!
    My eye caught immediately a familiar book, The Bridges of Madison County, in the bottom left tray.

  10. Pinterest and Home Goods - the source of inspiration and the supplier of all things necessary to "scratch that itch"! Seems like those two should pair up somehow. They could rule the world!!

  11. Up at 0300 looking at pinterest? You're a girl after my own heart!
    If you only knew, however, how far from tray vignettes this new-old house is!! The vignettes are all piles of books and photo albums and things for which we can't find a space anywhere!

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