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Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday On My Mind: Crazy Stuff I Think About

Why did Hawaiian Airlines serve spaghetti and meatballs on our 9:30am flight?  
It was fairly soon after take-off, and yes, of course I ate it.  

What is the proper etiquette for answering blog comments?

Up until the last few months, 
I responded to blog comments directly on my blog posts.  
In my ignorance, I thought that a reply on my post 
would immediately trigger an email to that commenter. 
But then, I saw this post by Diana over at Nana Diana Takes a Break 
(she is hilarious, by the way), where she posed the question to her readers, 
and the majority of them did NOT like it when when a blogger 
responded to comments on the post itself. 
Because who goes back to that post to see what the reply was? 
I know I don't. 
I had no idea that 99% of my comments back then were never seen. 
So now, I've been responding to comments via email, 
and it's working much better. 
What's your feeling about this? 

Does anyone eat lox on a cinnamon raisin bagel? 

If I've told Mr. Goo Shoes once, I've told him a bakers' dozen times, 
that when he buys lox, please do NOT get me a cinnamon raisin bagel. 
The sweet and salty thing works well sometimes...
maple syrup and bacon, chocolate covered pretzels, prosciutto and melon...
but, I'm sorry, the food matchmaker would never hook up lox and cinnamon. 
It's just not kosher. 
Here's what he got me for breakfast yesterday.
He must have a mental lox block.

Who's got a cure for Hard Water Hair? 

I had my hair blown out before I went on vacation, 
because whenever I travel, I suffer from Hard Water Hair Disorder. 
Yes, my hair has a,  split-end personality. 
The water here at home is as soft as a baby's tushy, 
making for nice, soft (mostly) controllable hair.
Whenever I travel to hard-water destinations (which seem to be everywhere), 
my hair becomes possessed, looking like I stuck my finger in an electrical socket,
no matter what fancy hair products I use.  
On our first night in Waikiki, I woke up in a pool of sweat --  
I had a horrible dream that I washed my hair on Day One by mistake. 
Yes, that constitutes a nightmare in my world. 
Who's got a solution, so that I don't look like Phyllis Diller on my next vacation? 

Photo Courtesy of IMDB


                       What's up with "Stand Up Shower?" 

Am I the only one who calls a shower that is separate from a tub a "stall" shower? 
 Everyone looking for houses on HGTV wants a Stand Up shower. 
I must have missed the tweet about the change.
Is it still ok to say "bathtub", or is it a Sit Down Tub?

That's all that's on my mind this rainy Monday afternoon.


  1. I'm definitely going to ask for a #sitdowntub to my plumber when I redo the kitchen...

  2. I am still trying to get used to "en suite" instead of Master bath"

  3. Remember I'm a Texas girl when I ask this, but what's lox? I have heard of it and always assumed it's cream cheese. I call a separate shower a separate shower lol. I have no idea about the hair. We have hard water and I just live with crazy hair!

  4. You are lucky that airlines even serve anything these days:) It's been years that they haven't served me anything for free when I fly within the USA....not even a package of peanuts. I can always buy an overpriced cold sandwich on board though, but I'm never a fan of cold sandwiches... I usually stuff myself in restaurants before I board any plane in America, except when I travel to Hong Kong because planes flying to Hong Kong still serve a few meals throughout the flight and they taste pretty decent still.

  5. Oh my this is hilarious. I thought about the Lox question when Bill ordered a Cinnamon Raisin Bagel in New York. They asked if he wanted Lox. What? That is like putting Bacon in a cupcake. Oh wait-people do that now.
    I used to respond directly on the blog too but now do it via email. I sometimes say more than I want on the blog post. Sometimes though-I want others to see the comments. Ay yi yi blogging is hard.

  6. I can't believe that you were served spaghetti at 9:30 am. Too funny! I'm not quite sure I would've been able to eat that at that hour. I don't like to see replies done back on the post either. I always reply back to someone's comment by email. That way I'm sure they've seen it. There is no telling how many replies people have sent me on their posts that I've never seen. I call a shower "a shower" not a "stand up shower". Is there really a difference? You stand up no matter where you take a shower whether it's in a tub or a shower stall. That's weird. I call a shower a shower and the other a shower/tub combo.

  7. I have no answers for you!! I do have a comment though....I always wondered who went back to the blog they commented on to see if or what the reply was!? I also wish more bloggers would fix their "no reply comment blogger" status!

  8. A mental lox block, love it!
    Walk-in shower is what I call it.
    If only I could have my hair look as smooth and silky as it looks when I leave the salon.

    Amy, I finally figured out, I hope, how to fix my no-reply status, but that didn't seem to make my replies to commenters get sent to their email. Poppy told me to just forward my reply to their email but the email address doesn't pop up for some, and sometimes I forget to forward it, I think.

    In my old blog I used to most of the time reply on my blog, then send them an email, then visit their blog to read and comment. Maybe that's part of the reason I didn't turn on comments for 11 months on this one. It seems to me that people on WordPress who reply to my comment on their blog automatically have their replies emailed to me, or at least I seem to receive them. That way a conversation develops with people returning several times and others chiming in. I love that! Shouldn't blogging be a community conversation?

    I didn't realize that a lot of people didn't like for us to reply to comments on the blog. Is this because they won't to be able to see it without going back? If that is fixed, do they have any objections to bloggers also replying on the blog to our comments? I'm confused. But then I'm always confused, my husband says! Oh, well. It'll all come out in the wash, my mother used to say.

  9. Well, I'm not a fan of the shower head in the bath, so whether you call it "stand up" or "stall" it's the one for me. Amy, I like the way you think. I've got to ponder the blog comments question...hmmm.

  10. You are hilarious and your blog is one of my favorites! To cure "Hard Water Hair", try a soft water conditioner. My sister has used one by Puronics for over 25 yrs. and swears by it for softer skin and hair. You'll also find that you use less fabric detergent & may need to look for a distributor in your area. Hope this helps!

    1. Thank you, Anonymous. Since I have no way to email you, I'm answering here, hoping you'll check back. We do have a water softening system here at's when I travel that I have a problem. Maybe I need to wash my hair with bottled water. I'd add LOL, but I'm not kidding, I'm desperate! :)

  11. I love your thoughts Amy! I call it a shower cubicle but showers over baths is just wrong! They make me cringe thinking about people slipping and sliding.

    The comments thing is something I have changed over my blogging time. I now answer via email to comments which I feel is a bit more personal and have enjoyed making blogging buddies this way as you can say a bit more away from the blog, but if there is a question I will also answer on the blog comment so that others who may have the same question will have the answer (or I edit the post thanking the person who initiated the question). If they are no reply blogger then I try to visit their blog, but I am finding more and more that there is not link to their blog either which is a shame - however if their comment is asking a question I will answer it on my blog and hope that they come back to read it. Unfortunately a lot of bloggers don't realise they are 'no reply' especially when they are on Google+ as it keeps changing back (it did this to me every month! so I went back to Blogger). I suppose everyone has a way that suits them, and how it fits in with the time that they have. This is what seems to be working for me and how I engage with those who take the time to leave a comment.

    I hope your hair is back to normal :-)


  12. I use Comment Luv which has an option to automatically send an email with my reply. So, the reply shows up on my blog and the commenter gets an email with my response.
    That picture of Phyllis Diller is hilarious! Good luck with the hard water hair thing!!

  13. You make me laugh - I love your sense of humour!!! Can't believe you were served Spaghetti at 9:30 a.m. - I would have eaten it too because that is a rare thing to get a meal on a flight! Lox and cinnamon - hmmm - wouldn't be my choice either. I've heard that a cider vinegar rinse helps with hard water hair but you might smell like fish and chips?? Phyllis Diller - what a hilarious comedian she was - great picture. I agree with calling a shower a "shower" - no further explanation required! I love when you send me personal responses by email to my comments Amy. I would go back to check to see if there was a reply if I had a specific question to a blogger.

  14. This post hit home Amy! For starters, spaghetti on a plane is weird, regardless of the time of day. There's no way to eat spaghetti gracefully, and to do it in front of perfect strangers would drive me nuts!

    As for the lox, nope, not cinnamon raisin. Doesn't work for me. Again, just weird.

    I'm always surprised that bloggers who have been blogging a while don't know about 'comment reply notification'. It's a plug in with Wordpress that sends an email to the commenter when you respond to their comment. I'm sure Blogger has an equivalent plug in. As for me, if a commenter doesn't ask a question, I don't respond to their comment, but I ALWAYS visit their blog and comment. It's just common courtesy to do so, plus it's really the best way to build a community imo.

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