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Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

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Sunday, July 3, 2016


My photo library is busting at the seams.
I figured it was time to share a few snaps 
of what's been going on around here 
over the last month or so.
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you may have seen a few of these.
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Fabulous barn where my BFF's daughter got married.
Great venue, fantastic wedding, beautiful couple!

View of Manhattan skyline across the Hudson from my sister's apartment.
Pretty incredible to wake up to that everyday, huh?

 Shubert Alley, the heart of the theater district in NYC,
after we saw On Your Feet.
"Turn the beat to hear percussion!"
Loved the show! 

 Celebrating Mr. Goo Shoes' birthday at a restaurant in Piermont, NY, 
overlooking the Hudson River.

The Museum at Bethel Woods, on the site of the 1969 Woodstock concert, 
featuring memorabilia from the legendary concert.
It was fun going back to the 60's for a little while.

Dinner with friends in Rye, NY, overlooking the Long Island Sound 
on a perfect summer night.


This dahlia bud's for you.

 Sweet little Bambi in the neighbor's yard.

 Sweet William.

 This happened in the birdbath.

Metamorphosis complete. 

 Got a new hummingbird feeder, because the squirrels knocked the old one off, 
and broke it.'s back...hanging around by it's toe nails,
getting drunk on nectar.
Anyone have any suggestions?


Jewish soul food - pastrami on rye and a potato knish.
My favorite!

 Pre-theater lunch from Patzeria's on W. 46th Street, NYC.
My favorite!

 Greek pastries - my favorite!
(No offense to Italian or French pastries). 

Sauteed soft shell crabs - my favorite!
(Most foods are my favorite, if you can't tell).


 Hmmm...a job I am more than qualified for 
(and I'm not talking about the cashier position). 

Junior Goo Shoes' model bridge project.
Their task? How would they re-design the Tappan Zee Bridge?
Proud mama!

 Texted at 1:24am, and he needs it for work at 4:00pm. 
Alrighty then.

And let's end with a crappy picture of an awesome concert 
Hall and Oates at Bethel Woods. 
"Private Eyes they're watching you...
They see you're every move..." 


  1. Amy I really enjoyed your photo share, especially the birdbath photo. The view of Manhattan I would love! Naggers yup, me too, black pants made me laugh. See you back over at IG. Happy 4th 🇺🇸 xx,Vera

  2. These were all awesome Amy! I'd love to know the names of some of the places like the barn and restaurants. I think I've been to the one in Rye but can't remember the name.

    I have no suggestions about the squirrels. They are persistent little buggers aren't they?

    The pizza shot should have had 'Italian soul food' as a caption lol.

    Now about that pastry...I like Greek too, but really? More than cannolis, eggclairs and cream puffs? Please say it isn't true!! ;).

    Happy 4th!

    1. The barn is Perona Farms in Andover, NJ; the restaurant in Rye is Seaside Johnnie's; the restaurant in Piermont is Pier 701 - one of my most favorite summer restaurants! And sorry, but yes - Greek pastries win out in my book! Not that I don't love the others but, it's the honey, phyllo dough, nuts that make me swoon!

  3. I so enjoy your blog. Especially liked this one, but your vacation to Italy is my favorite by far.

  4. Amazing photos, Amy!! That barn wedding is stunning - just gorgeous. And those turkeys in the birdbath - wow! I never had a squirrel take over my hummingbird feeder - you have some strange critters down there by you!

  5. I love this post!What a fun way to show us what you have been up to! Does that mean that most of these beautiful pictures were taken on a phone???? I have to think you got out a real camera for the hummingbird at least but they are all so good!

    1. All of the "Nature" shots were taken with my real camera; all of the rest with my cell phone. I rarely bring my real camera anywhere except on vacation. I was going to take it to Bethel Woods, but then I read that they only allow cameras that fit in your pocket. Hence, the crappy concert photo!

  6. That is a great way to keep us all up to speed on what you've been up to. . .great idea and great read! Happy Fourth of July!

  7. Amazing photos as always. The birdbath pic is great but they are all so good. And also now I want a reuben. Alll the food.
    I did hear that if you grease the metal on bird feeders the squirrels slip off. Wonder if that is true!!
    I should really write a blog post again soon. Someday. lol
    Happy 4th of July!!

  8. What great photos Amy. I had no idea you lived in the New York area. I lived in the Bronx for many years, near City Island so you have brought back so many sweet memories. That pizza is calling to me, nothing comes close to NY pizza!

  9. Great to see all your photo's - that birdbath photo is just amazing, I've never seen so many in one bath before!

    Happy 4th of July

    All the best Jan

  10. Great to see all your photo's - that birdbath photo is just amazing, I've never seen so many in one bath before!

    Happy 4th of July

    All the best Jan

  11. Amy, i really enjoyed all of your photo's. So many places that I have never been, it was a great tour. thank you so much.

    Have a great week.

  12. I REALLY enjoyed looking at these photos!! I love seeing photos of NY since I've never been there. I laughed at the funny text message and ad. Some of those foods did not look familiar to me (since I'm not from up north or Jewish). Ha! I was very impressed with your son's project for school!

  13. Fun peek into your everyday! Thanks for sharing with us!

  14. Call me weird, but I love the birdbath pic. How cool! Sheila

  15. I don't even know what's happening in that birdbath. Haha. Your food looks amazing. I love your pictures.


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