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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Frustrations of a Blogger Newbie


Did you know that Internet Explorer can distort your blog? 

I did not know this, until I went to show someone my blog on her computer, using IE.




What I saw bore little resemblance to the blog I see everyday via Safari or Firefox.  

The colors were off…

The formatting was all twisted…

And worst of all, my "ABOUT" page, and some of my early posts, were beyond funky. 

It just figures that yesterday I had my most page views ever...a third of which came from Internet Explorer. Nice first impression for those folks! 

Oy, I have such a headache.

I googled "Why does my blog look different on Internet Explorer" and found that most of the time, the problem comes from typing your post in Word, and copying it into Blogger.

I re-typed my "About" page, which seems to be fine, but now I have to re-type the others.  What a pain in the hiney. 

I haven't yet figured out how to fix the formatting, which seems to be caused by the gadgets.  

Can anyone shed any insight? I'd be most grateful...

Ms. Toody

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  1. Sorry, no help from this Luddite - but I'm sure there are some out there who will know what to do. When you get it figured out I hope you'll do a post to help the rest of us!


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