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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"I'd Rather Do Anything But Cook" - Super Easy, Super Fast Black Bean and Corn Salad

How do you feel about cilantro? 

I have yet to meet anyone who is wishy-washy on the subject of this herb. People seem to either love it or hate it. 

Me? I'm a big fan. Any recipe that lists cilantro as an ingredient gets my attention.

So when I saw this recipe for Bush's Best Black Bean Salad in a magazine years ago, I decided to try it. (Don't ask me why one of my recipes is upside down in my book…I have no idea, and I'm too lazy to fix it.)

I did modify it, however, because the recipe calls for only 1 teaspoon of cilantro. 

One teaspoon? 

Excuse me, but are you kidding me? 

I don't think you would even taste such a teeny amount.

I  decided to increase the amount of cilantro by about, oh, 100 times. 

When I make this recipe, I use at least 1/4 cup of chopped, fresh cilantro. See that big bunch of cilantro in picture #2? I used half of it in a double recipe. 

With that small change, this has become one of my favorite summer salads.  

It is So Good.

I'd rather do anything but cook, so I love that this is Super Easy to make.  
All you have to do is toss a bunch of things in a bowl and mix it up. Easy peasy. 

OK, yes, you do have to dice a few things. Not a big deal. 

And it is healthy, to boot.  Beans are high in protein and fiber, low in fat, and contain a number of essential vitamins and minerals. Did you know that the US Department of Agriculture recommends eating three cups of beans a week?

I made this for a barbeque that I went to this weekend. I know I said on my To Do list that I was going to bring fennel salad, but I thought this would be more of a crowd pleaser.

It was a hit. 

You can serve this as a side dish, or as an hors d'ouvre with tortilla chips. I think it tastes best if you make it a day in advance. 

Try it and let me know what you think. 

Bush's Best Black Bean Salad

1 15 oz. Can Bush's (or any brand) Black Beans, drained and rinsed
1 Red Bell Pepper, diced
1 Green Bell Pepper, diced
1 Yellow Bell Pepper, diced (I like to use an orange bell pepper)
1/2 Cup Red Onion, diced
1 16 oz. Can of Corn, drained
1 Clove garlic, minced
1 Teaspoon Cilantro* (Or 1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro -- *see my note above)
1/4 Cup Olive Oil
4 Tablespoons Red Wine Vinegar
1 Teaspoon Lime Juice
Freshly Ground Pepper (to taste)
Salt (to taste)

In a bowl, combine bell peppers, onion, corn, garlic and cilantro and toss to mix.  Add olive oil, vinegar, lime juice and salt and pepper; toss again. Add black beans, toss well.  
Serves 6-8.  


Ms. Toody

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  1. I'm definitely a 'hate' person when it comes to cilantro (or coriander, in the uk!). I just can't bear it!

    The recipe looks lovely though, aside from the cilantro ;) Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my blog Amy, I really do appreciate them :)

    Rosie x

    1. Hi Rosie - thanks for supporting my theory that it's a love/hate relationship with cilantro/coriander! Love your blog!

  2. That salad looks really good! I think it would be a great dish to take to a party too. I bet my husband would like it also. We both love cilantro.

  3. You are welcome! I hope you enjoy it -- and thank you for pinning it!

  4. This looks very good, and quite different from anything anyone might bring to a potluck or serve at a barbecue up here. I love cilantro, and like you, would have added a whole lot more than called for in the original recipe. Thanks!

  5. Now you've got me curious…what are more typical side dishes at a bbq where you are? Thanks for leaving your comment!

  6. Amy - this salad looks so fresh and tasty - my family loves the black bean and corn combo and we usually throw in a cut up jalapeno pepper, hot red pepper and lots of lime. Such a great side dish for a summer lunch! Thanks for sharing this on #simplybebetsy. Sharon and Denise

    1. Thanks, Sharon and Denise! I have to keep things on the non- spicy side for the hubs...I'm a wimp, too when it comes to jalapenos, but my son, on the other hand, got the "spice loving" gene!

  7. I pinned this. I dislike cilantro - it tastes like metal to me. However, I love all the other ingredients and will be making this soon. It kind of goes with any picnic/bbq/gathering.

    1. Thanks, Madonna! So sorry for the late reply on this! Like I said, people love or hate cilantro!

  8. Congratulations on the feature at the Simply BeBetsy Friday Features this week. Your Black Bean Salad looks delicious! I pinned it so I'll have it handy for our next BBQ gathering. Thanks Amy!
    Marie @ The Interior Frugalista

  9. Yes, yes, and yes again! I'm going to give this a try over the upcoming Memorial Day weekend. I love cilantro, and I'll probably be boosting the amount like you did. Maybe if I sell a kidney I can afford to buy a fresh lime to complete the recipe. My goodness, those things are high as the sky these days!!!

    Congratulations on being featured this past week on BeBetsy! Have a wonderful weekend, and thanks for the terrific recipe!

    1. It is SO good, Alycia! I'm glad to meet another cilantro lover! Enjoy, and have a great weekend!


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