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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cranberry Apple Pie

Cranberry Apple Pie - great dessert for #Thanksgiving - Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

Do you have everything in order for Thanksgiving?
Shopping list made?
Menu planned?
Tablecloth ironed?
Turkey ordered?
Outfit ready?

We'll be going to my cousin's for Thanksgiving, 
and I'll be bringing a dessert or two. 
And then, on Saturday of that weekend,
I'll make my own turkey and all the trimmings, 
just because...
well, because it happens to be one meal that I actually do cook pretty well...
and believe it or not, as much as I'd rather do anything but cook, I like doing it. 

Cranberry Apple Pie - great dessert for #Thanksgiving - Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

I've really been enjoying these last few weeks of autumn...
the foliage has been beautiful.
The rich red leaves of the Japanese maple trees have literally 
made me stop in my tracks.
It took me a half-hour to get to the supermarket the other day, which is 2 miles away, because I kept pulling over to take photos.

Ms. Toody Goo Shoes
Not color-enhanced!

Most of the leaves are down now, and heavy winds today helped finish the job.
All remnants of summer have been packed away...and the deck is bare. 
Winter is coming. 

But before it gets here, there's Thanksgiving to look forward to.  

Cranberry Apple Pie - great dessert for #Thanksgiving - Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.  
I love that it's the one holiday in America that everyone celebrates... 
whether you are NJ housewife, the good wife, a gossip girl, a broke girl, 
 a son of anarchy, a mentalist, a mad man, a family guy, or a modern family...
whether you live in a house of cards, a full house, in South Park, or Downton Abbey...
whether or not  you think orange is the new black, and even if you are on the blacklist.
No matter what language we speak, we all talk turkey. 

Cranberry Apple Pie - great dessert for #Thanksgiving - Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

Cranberry Apple Pie is one of my favorite Thanksgiving desserts.
I've been making it for about eight years,
and, believe it or not, the recipe came from Family Fun magazine.

It is the perfect combo of sweet and tart...refreshing, actually,
and pairs beautifully with all of the other seasonal goodies on the dessert table.

Aside from it's extraordinary flavor, it's mighty good-lookin'.
In fact, I'd venture a bet that it would be a finalist in any dessert pageant.  

I will warn you, however, that it is a very dangerous pie...
in that it is difficult to stop eating it. 
Seriously...because it's not heavy or overly sweet, 
you may find yourself reaching for a second slice.
Don't feel guilty about it -- it's fruit! 
Well, at least it isn't as fattening as a lot of other desserts.

Cranberry Apple Pie has one more thing going for it...
it's EASY!
It shouldn't take you more than 10-15 minutes to assemble,
and another 10 minutes to make the topping while the pie is baking.

Cranberry Apple Pie - great dessert for #Thanksgiving - Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

Making the topping will give your hands a workout...
it's the finger-equivalent of doing about 500 sit-ups. 
After cutting cold butter into small pieces, 
you'll need to work it into the flour mixture until it resembles coarse crumbs.
You could always assign this task to a child, who will think it is great fun...
as long as they washy-washy first. 

After the pie bakes for 30 minutes, 
take it out, spread the crumb mixture over it, 
and bake it for about another 25 - 30 minutes.
I had to cover the crust with aluminum foil for the second part, 
because it started to get brown.
That may be because my crust was a little too thin.

Cranberry Apple Pie - great dessert for #Thanksgiving - Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

It smells SO good when it's baking...
but you'll have to be patient, since it needs to sit at least 2 hours 
before you dive in. 

Cranberry Apple Pie - great dessert for #Thanksgiving - Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

Cranberry Apple Pie - great dessert for #Thanksgiving - Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

I hope you add this to your Thanksgiving menu...
it's a winner...
it's a pinner...
and just right for after dinner.  

I'll stop now. 

Aren't you glad you don't live with me?  ;) 

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  1. Love all the passionate reds in this appetizing post, Amy, starting with that blazing Japanese Maple, a feast for the eyes! Those juicy, ruby red cranberries and crunchy, sweet apples certainly do make a delicious pie - pure holiday eye candy that I'm sure is quickly gobbled up by all!

    Hope you have a lovely and peaceful Thanksgiving!


  2. It seems yummy and also lovely as I think the cranberries give the pie a very pretty colour. I saw on TV tonight that the USA were hit by a cold wave... I bet schools will be closed like last year...

  3. Oh my oh my oh my! Another great sounding recipe that only I will eat but I am going to pin and print and make it anyways!! Confession to make....we decided against the Italian Thanksgiving and are having a traditional turkey dinner....compliments of Wegmans Food Markets. You have those there in NJ don't you? Anyways I don't have to cook but I can bake! Thanks for the recipe!!

  4. I'm so excited Amy, I love this pie and haven't had it since my mom used to make it. I'm going to give this a try


  5. Cranberries and apple sound like the perfect marriage in a pie. We plan to spend the day with my parents and whatever family members can gather there.

    The foliage pic is breathtaking.

  6. Oh Amy - you are so funny!! What a delightful post. Your pie looks and sounds wonderful. No foliage here - everything is totally white (even the spider webs) - we are totally snowed under over here - it's crazy storming!!! I could sure use a slice of that pie right now. Since our Thanksgiving is over - I could make this for Christmas - yep, I think I will.

  7. I've never had a cranberry apple pie but I know that I would enjoy its sweet tart combination of flavors.

  8. That tree is drop-dead gorgeous / so is the pie ! One of my sons loves cranberries, too! :)

  9. This looks delicious! Pinned! Thank you for sharing!

  10. Beautiful foliage and gorgeous pie. I love the cranberry and apple combination. Thanks for stopping by our Happy Holidays Link Party - be sure to join us again this week (beginning on Saturday at 7 pm ET) and every week through the holidays.

  11. This looks delicious! I used to read Family Fun at the Y but haven't seen an issue in a long while.


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