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Monday, March 16, 2015

Nacho Bites -- A Hit With The Brooklyn Gang!

Nacho Bites - These take only minutes to assemble, and there is nacho-goodness in every bite! | Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

Are you in an hors d'oeuvres rut?

It's so easy for me to fall back on the same old-same old, 
whenever company comes. 
Usually, I'm super-focused on baking desserts, 
so I tend to take the easy way out when it comes to appetizers, 
and rely on the usual.
However, when the Brooklyn Gang came this past weekend,
I wanted to shake things up a bit, 
and try out a few new "hor-doovers."
(That's how people from Brooklyn talk, seriously).

What caused this sudden desire for hors d'oeuvre diversity?

These friends always bring amazing desserts, 
so I'm off the hook for that part of the meal.
And -- the hosting family almost always orders take-out for the main course,
so I don't have to worry about that, either.
Works for me!

That gave me some time to concentrate on whipping up 
a few hors d'oeuvres that were different from my usual fare.
I did serve a few standards, like cheese, crudite, 
and pigs in the blanket (which are a MUST with this group!), 
but I made three new recipes. 
And you know me...they have to be easy as pie...
or maybe I should say, Pi, since their visit was on 3.14.15.

I wanted to serve nachos, but one thing that drives me crazy, 
is that all the cheesy good stuff is on the top,
while all the chips underneath are bare-naked. 
I'd seen some mini nachos on Pinterest awhile back,
where each chip gets equal nacho-ness distribution,
and I decided to try my own version.

I started with gluten-free Veggie Dippin' Chips. 
(No, I'm not getting paid for this, I just like the chips).
 Tostito Scoops would also work well.

Nacho Bites - These take only minutes to assemble, and there is nacho-goodness in every bite! | Ms. Toody Goo Shoes 

I filled them with about a teaspoon of fat-free refried beans...

Sprinkled some shredded cheese over each one...

and baked them at 350°for about two minutes until the cheese was nice and melty. 

Next, I added a dollop of guacamole. I used store-bought to save time...

...and finished with a touch of pico de gallo - also store-bought - on top.
(Detailed recipe below)

The nacho bites were a HIT! 
OK, full disclosure of the guys didn't like the cheese 
(I used a Mexican blend), 
so when I made the second batch, 
I used a light white cheddar, and medium cheddar.
Mikey liked it!
It was unanimous!

We always have a great time when the Brooklyn Gang gets together.
It should be noted that no one actually lives in Brooklyn anymore,
but you know what they say...
You can take the boys out of Brooklyn, 
but you can't take Brooklyn out of the boys.
I swear, they have their own language in Brooklyn 
that only vaguely resembles English. 

Nacho Bites - These take only minutes to assemble, and there is nacho-goodness in every bite! | Ms. Toody Goo Shoes
Nacho Bites
Bag of dip/scoop chips (such as Party-tizer's Dippin' Chips or Tostito's Scoops)
12 oz. shredded Mexican blend cheese
16 oz. can fat-free refried beans
16 oz. guacamole
12 oz. pico de gallo

Preheat oven to 350°
Spread chips on a baking sheet. 
Fill with about 1 teaspoon of refried beans.
Sprinkle with approximately 1/2 tablespoon of shredded cheese.
Bake for 1-2 minutes, until cheese is melted.
Put a dollop (about 1/2 tablespoon) of guacamole on top of melted cheese.
Top with a teaspoon of pico de gallo.
Serve immediately.

Yield: Varies, but you should get at least 48 nachos.  

Nacho Bites - These take only minutes to assemble, and there is nacho-goodness in every bite! | Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

As always, we had lots of laughs...talked about kids, weddings, grandkids, 
college, food, health, vacations, and, of course...
the good old days in Brooklyn...
when a subway token cost 20 cents, and $2 would fill the gas tank.
I, of course, am too young to remember any of that :)
 Ah, them were the days...
when real men ate knishes, and nachos were macho.

Or something like that.


  1. Hi Amy, your nacho bites look amazing and so glad that they were a hit at your party. Thanks for sharing the recipe and I would love to make these!

  2. Ooh, those look delicious! I'd have that as my supper.

  3. Those sound really good, Amy. I could eat them as a meal. lol Love that those boys have a language all their own. That's what makes them special! xo Diana

  4. Oh yessss, please! Those look so good. I'll have to try those chips. Scoops are in high demand over here. Mr. Claire is famous (to me) for his "schnacksssss" (which has to be said with a lisp and as if you are speaking parseltongue from Harry Potter) which he makes me every time we are watching a movie or shows after the boys are in bed.
    Pinned, of course!!

  5. those look delish, Amy. and as far as Brooklyn speak, yeah, we say the same thing down here in Missouri!!

  6. I had to laugh about the 'hor-davor' 'cause I say that all the time. You can take a girl outta NY...

  7. Yup! We had our own special ways in Brooklyn, but it was a great place to grow up. I haven't been back there in some time, but some say I would hardly recognize certain areas as they have been built up like a little NYC. Glad your get together with the Gang was a success, but then again your parties always are. You and the Mr. are a great hostess/host combination and always make your guests feel relaxed and happy to be there. You should be very proud of your creativity with your "hor-doovers". Looking forward to being at your next one.

    1. Thanks, Phyllis! Entertaining good friends is one of our greatest pleasures!

  8. These are great! I am throwing a girls get together birthday party for my daughter's perfect are these?

  9. Excellent idea! I also hate when the bottom of the nachos have no cheese and well, nothing really!

  10. Oh those look so delicious!!! I'm so behind in reading your posts (been away - I should try to make you guess where we were). We had pico de gallo and ceviche there - any guesses?? I'm sure everyone enjoyed your yummy appies! I LOVE all appetizers I think.

  11. My family loves taco night. This would be something different I know they'd love!
    Thank you for sharing on the Wake Up Wednesday link party! Hope to see you next week!
    Kate |

  12. Oh wow! those look delicious! We are big Mexican food eaters here so that would be a great recipe to make for a party or just hanging out watching a game on tv. Thanks for sharing that recipe and linking it to Share Your Style tonight.

  13. Darn, I was going to go to bed without a bedtime snack tonight but my mouth is watering for your nachos. Printed it out, don't have the ingredients now but will have the next grocery trip.

  14. Those look great and easy! Thank you :)

  15. Wow, these look delicious! I almost wish that I had not seen them. I started eating better (I refuse to say "dieting") and exercising on Monday. I still am going strong, but this post did not help - hahaha!!

  16. I wonder if we can get dipping chips like that here in Perth will have to keep my eye out for them :)
    I agree I find hors d'oeuvre a little fiddly to make but these look fairly easy and rather delicious too!

  17. This looks incredible! I'm drooling right now. Pinned and tweeted. We are so thrilled to have you at our party. Please stop by on Monday at 7, so we can see your amazing projects. Lou Lou Girls

  18. Mmm ... this looks like my kind of appetizer! Love the Brooklyn lingo;)

  19. Love these! What an awesome appetizer! Definitely going to try making these!

    1. Just fyi...I included these in my 55 Cinco de Mayo recipe roundup the other day! :)


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