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Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

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Friday, July 10, 2015

Best Of The Weekend #111

Greetings, all!
It's time for Best of The Weekend, but I've got a problem. 

We just walked in the door from vacation a couple of hours ago, to find that our internet, phone and TV service is out! 
So, unfortunately, I will not have any features this week :(
Nor can I add in the link for the party.
Not. Happy. 
In fact, I am writing this post on my phone, so if it's wonky, that's why.

Please visit my co-hosts and party without me (sniff!)...
Cindy at Little Miss Celebration;
Sheryl at Lady Behind The Curtain;
Ginnie from Hello Little Home.
(Deb from Cookiing OnThe Front Burner is on vacation). 
Sorry, but I don't even know how to add their links from my phone!

I hope we get this resolved soon - at first, they told us told they couldn't send anyone until Monday afternoon to fix it--seriously???
But after a little complaining, they said they'd send someone tomorrow. I sure hope so!
In any event, enjoy the party. 
As for me, what in the world will I do, without my computer or TV? 
I guess I'll just have to tackle my vacation laundry. 
Too bad my washing machine isn't out of order.


  1. I do hope they get it fixed soon for you! I know how frustrating that is and it is just a complete let down to come off of vacation to problems! Try to have a great weekend and enjoy that laundry! :-)

  2. Welcome back Amy! I hope your vacation was relaxing and fun. We missed you!

    What a pita to come home to that!! If it happened to me, I would really be screwed. I can't even log in to my site on my phone! Weird right?

    Take the off-line time and chill...and maybe a visit to the laundromat ;).

  3. Stay strong, Amy! There is life without internet, or so I've been told :-)


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