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Thursday, January 7, 2016

From Outdoor Garden Table To Indoor Beverage Bar

Do you remember that routine George Carlin did about "Stuff?"

"If you didn't have so much stuff, you wouldn't need a house...
A house is just a pile of stuff with a cover on it...
That's what your house is, a place to keep your stuff
while you go out and get...more stuff!"

Mr. Goo Shoes always says the reason we moved from an apartment to a house 
was because we needed more closet space. 
Uh, yup...true, that. 

And're running out of space here!
How did we accumulate so much stuff?

The problem is exacerbated when I have to find room inside the house 
for garden furniture that can't be left out over the winter.
A  table that resides on my deck in summer was parked in my kitchen, 
waiting to be stored away,
when I had an "aha" moment and transformed it into a beverage bar. 

I'll tell you all about it over at A Little Claireification.
Click here, and I'll treat you to a cappuccino when we get there! 


  1. Have you read the Mary Condo book, Amy? She is my new guru. I feel myself slipping of late, to my old shopping habits, but I had such a purge after reading the book that there is still some space available :-)

  2. Oh, I know about it :-) I live in a house for 5 years, and things are added every day .... but I still like it;-)
    I greet warmly

  3. Oh such a topic that I can so relate to. . .we keep talking about the need to get rid of 'stuff' at least some stuff but then, like you, comes winter and those outside plants and furniture come inside and add to the 'stuff' and then I see the stack of books I haven't yet read or the blogs I need to catch up on and then I decided that 'stuff' can wait. . .and the cycle continues. . . Happy New Year Amy!

  4. I know...right! I donate stuff to a charity thrift store and go right inside and buy more! There's no hope for me!!! hahaha

  5. Amy,
    I so hear you! Our row-home built in 1934 hasn't enough storage or closet space, Yikes! Oh how I loved the genius of George Carlin, gosh how I miss his comedy. "Stuff" was my favorite and I just went to You Tube and watched "Stuff". BTW Amy your "Stuff" is always really pretty and unique.

  6. Hi Amy, love the way your garden-table-as-beverage-bar turned out! I go through cycles of hoarding and purging- right now I'm deep into the hoarding phase. I need to get a grip and start organizing and getting rid of stuff. Have a great week end!

  7. As my son said you don't have enough room mom to rub two stick together. I guess he is right, but the stuff is things that I love. Even though we live in sunny CA, I cover my teak furniture with out door covers and it stays really nice.
    I like your beverage table and it looks really good.

    Have a great weekend.

  8. Oooo, I'm about to embark of getting rid of 'stuff' so that there isn't too much to move when we eventually sell the house. My plan is to move the bare minimum and then start again. That's the plan, but to have the time to get rid is another thing, especially with a hoarder for a hubby! Love the beveridge bar! xx

  9. Love it!! So cute - would make a great little cocktail station also!

  10. Love this post Amy and thank you for being such an amazing contributor! I am in the middle of a major purge over here (well, ok - Mr. Claire is) and we actually have emptied half of our garage (again). Wheeee! Time to go thrift a little table like yours for a beverage bar!! lol

    1. Thank you, Claire! I so appreciate the opportunity to contribute to your blog! I'm mentally preparing to purge like crazy...Just ordered the book that Amelia (above) mentioned. I'd read about it other places, and figured, it's a start!

  11. I went and checked out the transformation, Amy, and that was a brilliant idea! So many uses it could have. I love that milkbottle too. I have a '50s metal and glass cocktail cart that used to be on my porch until it came in one winter, and it's never gone back out again!

    Happy new year, Amy,

    P.S. My one and only resolution was to de-clutter in 2016. Not made much progress so far but I have boxed up about 1/2 my Christmas decor to put aside for all the kids to go through next fall so that's a start. Now if I can only get rid of half my dishes!

  12. Too much stuff here as well! But the "too much stuff" is the reason why you were able to style so prettily your bar/outdoor table.


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