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Sunday, October 30, 2016


Hello, friends! It's time for another installment of Favorite Things!
My guest blogger is AnnMarie, from Musings of a Vintage Junkie.
AnnMarie is from upstate New York, and, as her blog title implies,
she's crazy about all things vintage.
When she isn't out thrifting (which is often!), 
she's writing about her other passions.......
baking, decorating, gardening and family. 

Here's AnnMarie!
I was so excited when Amy asked me to write a post for her Favorite Things feature on her blog.

I have thought about writing my own favorite things post for a long time and just haven't till now. When I think about what my favorite things are there are too many to list! So, I will focus on the Fall season, which is my favorite, and things in my every day life right now.

These are a few of my favorite things......

The first thing in the morning, I look forward to brewing my favorite Starbucks Blonde in my percolator and fill my favorite orange coffee cup up to the brim! It holds 4 cups, but we know that those are small china coffee cup sizes, right? It is how I start every day.

Not that I indulge in the morning mind you, but right now I am craving these two candies. Halloween mallocremes and spiced dots. We found a vendor at a festival with a huge table with bags and bags of all kinds of old fashioned penny candies so I had to get some. I told my husband that we had to get them because my grandchildren love them :-)

Like everyone else, I just love anything pumpkin right now. Not all the crazy things they are adding pumpkin spice to, just pumpkins....all shapes, all sizes, to eat, or to decorate with. 

Our local grocery store makes the most delicious butter cookies. They are my favorites. Oh look! They are pumpkins!

I am loving my new mercury glass pumpkin all lit up at night. What a treasure I found in this!

I just love to see pumpkins at roadside stands. This is over the top pumpkin picking!

I have a thing for leaves and they are a favorite year round but especially in the Fall. When I see the red leaves in perfect condition on the ground I have to pick them up. I preserve them by putting them between two pieces of wax paper and ironing them. They will stay flat and pretty all season.

I just scatter them around my Fall décor....

My favorite past time is to be home during the day and just take my time and putter around the house. I love being in my kitchen in the morning, baking something delicious for breakfast or dessert. On the counter are Banana Chocolate Chip bread and two Zucchini breads.

A favorite way to spend a day out is with my Mom Jane. She is a dear friend that I met at work, when we both worked! Over the years she became like a mom to me and because there is so much evidence that God brought us together, she is my spiritual Mom. When we are out people think we are really mother and daughter. Here we are celebrating her 78th birthday.

One of the comforts in my life, and so a favorite thing, is to sit in the living room with my husband and son after dinner, the kitties nearby, all of us on our own laptop or Ipod watching David Muir on ABC Nightly News. No, the kitties don't have their own laptops!

It would be awful to have a favorite things post without mentioning THRIFTING. Yes, I do it constantly. Every day I am on the lookout for something to pick and fix, or paint and resell. I love the hunt and I love when something sells, meaning someone else loved it too, which makes it all worth it.

Here is my back room filled with stuff waiting for me to list, or repaint, or fix up to sell. I had to stand in the doorway to take the picture because I can barely get in the room. Yeah, I really need to organize it all, NOT one of my favorite things!

One last favorite thing! When my daughters, grandkids, and sisters get together for a great selfie!

Thanks Amy! It was fun thinking about and writing about a few of my favorite things.

Thank you, AnnMarie! 
I love the tip about preserving fall leaves......
I'm going to give that a try!
Please stop over at Ann Marie's blog to say hello,
and also, check out her Etsy shop, which is filled with vintage collectibles! 

Favorite Things will return on November 13th!


  1. Looks great Amy! Thanks again for inviting me to be part of this fun feature!

  2. I just love AnnMarie. I have gotten to know her quite well through blogging and this is a great post. We like so many of the same things. We might not be good thrifting partners (both going for the same thing at the same time)
    I love pumpkins, too, real ones and faux ones.

    How wonderful about MOM! She certainly does not look 78!!!! Happy belated birthday to her.

    Hope there is a pumpkin filled weekend for you!!! (for AnnMarie AND Amy). xo Diana

  3. your mother is very dear lady .
    there is so much variety in you favs
    i loved the coffee and pumpkins most

  4. I consider my coffee make to be one of my close personal friends :)

  5. Hello Amy and AnnMarie! AnnMarie I love all of your favorite things too. Especially the coffee first thing in the morning. I too would love to try and make those leaves with the wax paper. :)

  6. AnnMarie's favorite things are delightful! I think she must be my kind of people!

  7. I live AnnMarie! She is a special lady who has a kind heart, not to mention her favorite things are so down to earth and so 'her'.


  8. I love the Favorite Things posts, Amy. I love that the kitties don't have their own laptops. Sounds like cozy evenings.

  9. So fun to have you feature AnnMarie today. She is the sweetest blogger. Your spiritual mom looks like she could be your real mom. How special is that!!! Thanks AnneMarie for sharing your faves with all of us. Happy New Week Amy.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. AnnMarie is a super sweet friend and I loved reading more about her here today! Thanks for sharing Amy! : )

  12. I haven't visited her in awhile! Glad you featured her.

  13. AnnMarie is a sweet heart whom I have enjoyed following along with. I appreciate her faithfulness as a follower with my blog. :)
    How special are your memories AnnMarie of your dear mother.
    Why not laptops for your kitties AnnMarie? HA!

  14. I loved reading this much fun! Pam @ Everyday Living

  15. How fun to learn more about AnnMarie!I like those mallow creme candies too, in fact my dad bought us 3 bags of them!

  16. the butter cookies look so yummy ♥

  17. Hi Amy, I adore AnnMarie and this was a wonderful post she wrote of her favorite things. So many of which I love too.
    I love following her thrifting and home projects along with her joy of family. Finding Mom Jane had to be a special blessing. She certainly does not look 78 years young.
    Love seeing her family in the selfie and her hubby and son in the family room in the evenings. This is surely close to our nights here.

    Now I want a treat of mallow cremes!! haha
    Thanks for sharing Amy. Have a great evening and Happy Halloween. xo

  18. I am a follower of AnnMarie and love her blog! Wonderful favorites - such a sweet photo of her family. xx Karen

  19. Love all the favourites AnnMarie posted. Will have to go over to her blog and check it out! Hope you had a wonderful Hallowe'en day and end of October - can you believe it!? Here's to November ...

  20. What a special bond AnnMarie and Mom Jane have! I've been following AnnMarie for a while, now, and always enjoy her recipe and family posts.

    Thanks for featuring her, Amy!


  21. Congrats on being the chosen feature Ann Marie! Always love reading about your adventures!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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