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Thursday, March 30, 2017


Ten Amenities Every Hotel Should Offer | Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

What little extras do you appreciate when it comes to hotel stays?

It's nice when chocolates are left on the pillow.....
 the end of toilet paper is shaped into a little rose (isn't that special?)....
or when towels are folded to look like bunnies,
but these lodging bonuses wouldn't make it onto my "Top 10" list of amenities. 

I'm referring to those details that provide comfort, convenience or pleasure,
which, In My Humble Opinion,  
should be standard fare at all hotels, but sadly, aren't.

I've stayed in many hotels across the price-point spectrum, 
 experiencing some of these conveniences at low-budget motels,
while finding them lacking at some luxury hotels
In case anyone in the hotel industry is reading this,
consider me your focus group of one. 


1. Free coffee in the lobby.

Excellent coffee offerings at St. Regis Bahia Beach, Puerto Rico.

I'd rather run down to the lobby with raging bed-head 
and sheet marks on my face for a fresh cup of coffee with real milk
(bonus points for offering skim or almond milk).
than make a cup in my room,
and use that awful powdered chemical creamer.
Might it be more cost effective to have a big urn in the lobby,
than furnishing all of the rooms with individual coffee makers?
(Asking for a friend 😉). 

2. Complimentary bottled water in the room.

Nothing cheeses me off more than seeing a sign saying
"Enjoy this bottle of water for $3."
Please, Mr. or Ms. Hotel Manager, go to Costco and buy a few cases.
One or two complimentary bottles for parched overnight throats 
or taking medication is greatly appreciated. 

3. Full length mirror

The first thing I look for in any hotel room is a full-length mirror.
Granted, I may not like what I see, 
but at least I'll know if my skirt is tucked into my underwear. 
Do I really have to say more about this?

4. Lighted magnifying mirror in the bathroom

Seeing my face up close and super-sized is not a pretty sight at my age,
but, I do like being able to see what I'm doing when I put on my makeup.  
Bathroom lighting in hotels is often terrible, 
and most times, I can't get close enough to the mirror over the sink.
If my eyeliner is crooked, or there's a splotch of mascara under my eye,
I'd like to know before some stranger in the elevator points it out to me.   

5. Plenty of towels in the bathroom

Seacrest Resort in the Hamptons left plenty of towels for the two of us.

Do you know how many hotels we have stayed in
(including luxury hotels) that supply towels for two,
even though they know there are three of us in the room?
Usually, it's me who's reaching for a towel from the shower,  
only to find wet ones hanging on the hook.
6. Night stands on both sides of the bed.

On the rare occasion I travel alone, this is not an issue.
But, 99% of the time, there are two or three of us
and we all need a place to put those things 
we'll have to reach for in the dark of night or break of dawn.

This includes, but is not limited to a phone
(which serve as alarm clock, flashlight, and insomnia companion), 
a bottle of water (see #2, above),
iPad, iGlasses (aka, eye glasses, heh-heh!), etc.
Night stands don't need to be large, just big enough.

Just "big enough" night stands at Hotel Reginella in Positano, Italy.
7. Adequate water pressure.

Remember that episode on Seinfeld -- "The Shower Head,"
when everyone's hair was plastered to their head
after their building installed water restrictors?
Yeah, that.
I've got thick hair, so perhaps I'm overly sensitive to this,
but when I can't rinse the shampoo out of my hair, 
someone's gonna be crabby over breakfast.


8. Chairs at the pool and beach to accommodate every guest.

If I have to set the alarm clock for 6:00am to run down to the pool or beach 
in my nightgown to save chairs,
well, then, I'm not relaxing on my vacation, am I?
I know, I know, there may not physically be room at some 
hotels to supply enough chairs for every guest,
but this is something that really puts me in a foul mood. 
 If I can't find a chair, and I can't rinse the shampoo in my hair....
watch out!!!
9. Adequate shade protection on the beach.
 Sheraton Maui Resort and Spa does shade right!

Gone are the days of baking in the sun all day long.
Now, I can't last more than 15 minutes without diving under an umbrella.
Heading down to the beach, only to find out that 
they've run out of umbrellas, is a "shady" way to run a resort. 
There should be a supply of extra umbrellas at the pool and beach,
so that everyone who wants one, gets one. 

10. Complimentary sunscreen and water at the pool or beach.

Sometimes it's the little things, right?
'Nuff said.

And, BIG BONUS POINTS for..........

 A "call" button on umbrellas for beach or pool waitstaff.

Why is it that I'm constantly being asked, 
"Can I get you anything?" when I'm not hungry or thirsty,
but as soon as I decide I'd like some lunch,
not a wait-person can be found
The only place I've seen call buttons is at the St. Regis Bahia Beach in Puerto Rico.
Granted, it's a swanky resort, and I have no idea what this costs,
which is why I didn't include it on my Top 10 list that every hotel should have,
but it is a brilliant amenity.
I don't expect to see this at Motel 6, 
but at resorts that offer food service at the beach or pool,
it's the ultimate pampering!

 So, basically, what I'm trying to say is, if I.......
can't get a decent cup of coffee in the morning,
have to quench my parched throat with a $3 sip of water,
can't see that I've got my skirt on inside out,
don't know that I've got lipstick on my teeth,
have to dry myself with a washcloth,
need to use an upside down garbage can as a night table, 
have to walk around with suds in my hair,
can't find a place to park my butt at the pool,
and end up with a wicked sunburn at the beach.......
I'm not likely to write a very nice TripAdvisor review.
On the other hand, 
give me some ice water and  sunscreen at the beach,
 and I might just reconsider that extra star.  
What's on your wish list list of hotel amenities?



  1. Oooh - this is a GREAT list. The water in the room things irks me. Our hotel in Barcelona actually handed us each a bottle of water at the front desk AND had them in the room. It wasn't super fancy but right on Las Ramblas and we were only staying one night before our Med cruise. It's the little things - would totally stay there again. And nightstands on both sides... YESSSSS!

  2. Working Wifi in the bedroom.
    I once got upgraded to the executive suite because two rooms had no working Wifi. The one in the mega-posh suite on the highest floor with a splendid view did not work either, but by that time all I wanted to do was sleep.

  3. This is a great list and Amen to all of it! The one thing that irks me is not enough space or shelves in the bathroom to set down hair brushes, make-up, tooth brushes, etc. The magnified mirror is a must - I almost always carry one along just in case! You are right about the free coffee in the lobby and free bottled water too.

  4. An extra blanket is nice ... especially if you're traveling with a menopausal woman, LOL! And I rarely say no when they offer coffee in the lobby WITH COOKIES ;)

  5. Great list that I wish all hotels had, but bottom line for me, is a comfortable bed! 99% of them are horrible and that makes me miserable, all night and the whole next day! We were pleasantly surprised at the very comfortable bed at a Sheraton in Ohio.

  6. I love this Amy! You're spot on!

    Of course, good pillows are a MUST for me. I don't want to spend my vacation having to go to a massage therapist.

    Oh wait..I kinda do :)

  7. Yes to all of these, especially water pressure, enough towels and free coffee in the lobby!

  8. I would add that every hotel room needs to supply a hairdryer. Or is that such a given nowadays that it doesn't need to be listed. In any case, not having enough towels is my biggest pet peeve -- especially since there are sometimes 5 of us sharing a room. (I will admit that I am known to hide a towel so that at least I get a fresh, dry one since I'm usually 4th in line for the shower.) A coffee urn in the lobby would definitely be preferable to doing it myself in my room.

  9. Love this...and written in your own unique candidness and sense of humor.

    The makeup mirror always bothers me as it usually sits on the counter in the bath...are we supposed to squat when putting on make up? I agree with coffee in the lobby. Hubby loves to go down to get a cup early along with a newspaper (which should be complimentary as well). I'm a slug, sleep in, and like to have coffee in bed. Lack of chairs at the pool is terrible. They should have additional chairs stored and brought out in case of an influx of bathers.

    Thanks for your input. And travel a lot , Missy!!! :)

    Jane x

  10. Great post. My Mr. is in the hotel biz so I sent your link to him. Have a great weekend!!

  11. For me, cleanliness and friendly staff are at the top of my list!

  12. You're speaking a foreign language to me as I never go to hostels... But I do rent small holiday cottages sometimes and I do love when there's an electrical kettle in the kitchen, which is pretty rare in France!

  13. Lets see....I would like more hooks for hanging things on both in the bathroom and on a wall in the room. I would also like better temperature control, sometimes no matter what I try I can't get the room to cool down enough for my comfort. And outlets....not all have one conveniently located by that full length mirror to plug in the blow dryer so I don't hog the bathroom. I would also ban styrofoam cups and make real cream mandatory when I become a hotel heiress.

  14. Hi Amy, yes I will have to agree with you on some of those hotel amenities. Especially the water! :)

  15. I so much agree with all of these "must haves" for a hotel. I also like a free breakfast. :)

  16. I think I'd have a totally different list... other than the towels.. as a family of 5 we can never have too many towels and those standard two sets do not cut it! One other thing I have found is that most hotels do not have enough extra outlets. As a large family we have lots of electronic devices that need charging at the end of the day and one outlet does not cut it. I can remember unplugging our clock in one hotel since it was the only outlet in the room not behind a TV!


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