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Thursday, October 28, 2021



NYC Halloween | Ms. Toody Goo Shoes
I've got a confession.
I do feel a bit guilty.......
but, I've made a decision, 
and I won't budge an inch.

I'm not giving out Halloween candy this year.

I know. 
You can say it.
I'm a Halloween Grinch. 

I wasn't always a grouchy candy grinch. 
In fact, if you ask Junior Goo Shoes,
he'll tell you that our house was one of the "must-stops" 
for all the years that he and his friends trick-or-treated.  
If I must say so myself, 
I did make generous bags of candy,
which I handed out to hundreds of kids every year.  
Our neighborhood was always extremely busy on Halloween.
There was one reason for that:
The Candy Man.
He lived around the corner, 
and handed out gigantic bags of candy.
Kids from all over town would come, 
and  the police would close off the surrounding streets to cars. 
No joke - he gave out 1800 bags of candy in a matter of hours. 
Sadly, he passed away.
He brought so much joy to the neighborhood
over the years,
and is fondly remembered by local families
for making Halloween memories 
that kids (and parents) will never forget.

The neighborhood still draws a lot of kids on Halloween,
but, to me, it's the end of an era.
I hereby pass the candy baton to a new generation of parents.
Halloween in New York City is a totally different experience........
A lot of kids limit their trick-or-treating 
to within their own apartment buildings,
riding the elevators instead of 
walking around the neighborhood. 
I think my doorbell rang six times 
in all the years I lived there.
It might be different on a street lined with town homes,
like the ones below.
If I were a NYC kid, that's where I'd head.
I mean, if they're all decked out,
with skeletons, spider webs, and such.......
they must have good candy, don't you think?

NYC Halloween | Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

NYC Halloween | Ms. Toody Goo Shoes


NYC Halloween | Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

NYC Halloween | Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

NYC Halloween | Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

NYC Halloween | Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

NYC Halloween | Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

NYC Halloween | Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

NYC Halloween | Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

NYC Halloween | Ms. Toody Goo Shoes
Most of the photos in this post are from my archives,
and were taken with my cell phone.
Please pardon the quality, 
which isn't up to my usual standards.

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  1. Someone is in the spirit. How fun to see these. I love how people get into Halloween.

  2. Those Manhattan homes have done a great job decorating for Halloween.

  3. Thank you for sharing your photographs with us for Halloween. I loved seeing how others decorate and celebrate the season.

  4. How fun are these townhomes all decked out for Halloween. Super cool. Wow that candy man was a great guy and the kids I bet were so excited to visit his home each year. Have a great Friday and weekend. xoxo

  5. Every town seems to have a Halloween candy man. Sad he passed. Maybe someone will take up the mantle. Loved those pictures. Couldn't pick a favorite, they were all neat.

  6. Your photos really capture the best of city Halloween decor downtown. These homes and seasons can change so seamlessly for every season.🍁

    I miss the days when my kids did the whole trick or treating thing. We hosted a party afterward for years, with standing room only for the parents and kids. I'll never forget those times--so festive. Over the last ten years or so I have made little treat bags for the kids coming to my house. All sorts of candy, spooky stickers, plastic
    bat and spider rings, pencils and small packs of crayons. It touches my heart to see their eyes light up over a little surprise package over candy. If the weather is good, I sit on the porch to greet them with my pup (at the time...Milo loved it), and Poppy may be ready to not pee every time she sees someone!!!

    At this point in my life, Amy, I have to grab all the good. Time is running out if you get what I mean. Making happy days, I hope, will get me through hard times ahead. The little things. ❤️.


  7. In our neighbourhood Halloween is a very muted version of what it used to be, partly because there are not many young kids any more, most people having lived here for thirty years or more, and COVID has imposed restrictions too. There are a few houses that are big on outdoor decor, but for the most part you would never know that Halloween is just a couple of nights away.

  8. I am so with you girl! And have been for awhile. We haven't given candy out in over 10 years and I live in a village where there are tons of kids of all ages. We have to keep the house dark and then we go out to dinner. If there is even one tiny light on they are banging on the door! My grandchildren come to trick or treat in my neighborhood so we stay around long enough to see them and then go. To add to the (minor) guilt, my neighbors on either side are the ones who sit out on their porch and talk to every kid that comes by! I do love some good Halloween decor though, and those townhouses are great!

  9. Oh boy...right there with you!! I live in the same kind of neighborhood. We get hundreds of kids, they are literally bussed in. Parents walk around in groups, with alcohol hiding in coffee cups and there's no need for a doorbell. The flow is nonstop for hours on end. After more than 20 years of answering the door, this year, we're taking a ride out east to visit the Pottery Barn Outlet instead. That's a treat for me!!

  10. So sorry about the Candy Man. The end of an era. No child has knocked on my door on Halloween in all the years I've lived here.

  11. Those are great photos, and fab decor considering there isn't much square footage on the street in cities. The midwest of course is different and we rarely get trick or treaters anymore. Seems they have parties and local events to go to. Sadly, we still buy candy..LOL, just an excuse I guess---in case the ghouls come toddling up our walk!!!Great Post, Amy!

  12. This was a great collection of Halloween decorations, but I confess I'm a Halloween grinch too. I'm giving out candy, yes, but I object to all of the ghoulish, gory stuff that seems to be in favor today. This has become my least favorite holiday.
    There. I've confessed.
    Thanks for sharing at

  13. I love all the decorations -- they're great fun. I've been contemplating the same -- skipping the candy this year. We don't have many kids in our neighborhood anymore -- or at least close -- and Rick isn't here this week to enjoy it with me, which is sort of a tradition we've been doing for years. Last year there were few (probably Covid and snow) and who knows this year. Still on the fence. But oh -- how I adore your photos.

  14. These are so fun to see!

    Love the photos.

  15. I so much enjoyed every picture that you shared. New Yorkers know how to decorate for Halloween.

  16. I love these. I also added some New Your Halloween beauties today.... Happy Halloween.

  17. I remember all of the great Halloween decorations when both of my daughters lived in Park Slope. I live in a senior apartment so no trick or treating here. It is my granddaughter's birthday so I will head over there to enjoy Halloween. Laura

  18. How creative! Those are some amazing decorations. I, too, fear that things have taken a big change in our world. I'm not sure if it's good or bad.

    Thanks for sharing your link at My Corner of the World this week!

  19. I think it is completely fine to not hand out any candy. We have some house in our neighborhood that don't. Most leave out a bowl and some hand out. To each there own. We personally do a mix of handing out a leaving out a bowl when we go out with the kids.

  20. I have that kitty skeleton too. Halloween is so fun! I love all comments, even from grinches!

  21. Well, Halloween hasn't come to Greece so we had a delightful evening on our deck enjoying (I used that term loosely) the early darkness brought on by Daylight Savings Time change the night before. Our neighbors joined us so had a tricker come for treats they would have found no body home! xxx


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