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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Around My House: Deck-orating (Part 1)

What a difference a day makes. Today it's going to be sunny and 72; yesterday, I froze my tush off because it was 30 degrees cooler.  I know the weather can be iffy in April, but even still, it just doesn’t seem right…especially with all of the outdoor spring projects we’ve got in motion. We’re re-doing some landscaping in the backyard, making a small modification to our deck, and my personal mission will be sprucing up our outdoor living space.  

Yesterday morning, we were walking around in our fleece jackets at the garden center, looking at trees and bushes for the backyard.  By the time we got back, I was chilled to the bone, and all I wanted was hot chocolate. Instead, I decided to think spring thoughts, and headed off to look for some decorative pillows for my outdoor furniture. I have yellow cushions for the dining chairs, sofa and comfy chairs, but I wanted to make it to feel a little more "deck-orated," by adding some throw pillows. I’ve been looking for the past two summers to no avail, because I think I waited until too late in the season. This year, I'm determined to succeed, so I'm getting an early start. 

After coming back empty-handed on some previous searches, today I found three possibilities: from Pier 1 - an orange-y reddish floral, and from Pottery Barn - a yellow and white cabana stripe, and a watercolor floral. 

I dragged a few yellow cushions outside to try to get a feel for how the throw pillows would look.  My neighbor must have thought I was wacko to be setting up pillows while it was 45 degrees outside, but I was on a mission. Speaking of neighbors, we never had to worry about them before, because our house used to back up to woods.   Unfortunately, that land got sold, and now there’s a new house behind us.  This will be our first summer without backyard privacy. That’s a sad tale for another day…and the reason we need to do some landscaping in the backyard.  But I digress…

All three pillows appeal to me for different reasons. I love the yellow and white cabana striped pillow for its casual, beachy feel.  I’m kind of drawn to its simplicity. 


The floral watercolor pillow is just so pretty.  I like it because it’s not your run-of-the-mill outdoor pillow. Pottery Barn has a huge selection of gorgeous watercolor pillows this season, but my specific color needs helped me to narrow things down. Otherwise, I’d still be standing in the store trying to choose. 


The dark floral from Pier 1 is a little ordinary-looking, but it has the most "pop."  I also like that it comes in two different shapes.


The deck is still so bare, that it's hard to really visualize what it will look like once there are a lot of plants and flowers around. What do you think? Do you like any of the pillows? Should I keep looking? I’d love some opinions, since I want to make a decision before the stores run out of stock.  I’ll let you know what I decide in next Wednesday’s "Around My House" post.



  1. You have the knack for colors and pizazz! They all look nice. Only question would be is will they 'hold up' outdoors. Obviously you'd take them in if raining, but will the sun bleach the color out of those gorgeous prints?

  2. Thanks, Phyllis. They are all meant to be used outdoors, so they are "weather and fade resistant." However, I do think that over time, they would fade. I'll bring the pillows in every night (I've been doing that with the cushions, which is a real pain in the tush), but I want them to stay new-looking as long as possible.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving such sweet comments. Congratulations on your career change.
    Blogging is so much fun. Welcome!

    1. And I thank you, Katie, for not only taking the time to look at my blog, but to "follow" as well!

  4. Beautiful “deck-orations”! The yellow and floral are very spring-like and perfect for the greenery. And they look very nice to cuddle with while having moments on a quiet night, or a relaxing afternoon in this deck. I say you succeed in sprucing up your backyard! | Ryann@|

  5. You’re not done with your deck makeover here right? How does it look like now? It does not look so bare to me, but a total renovation would sure improve this a lot. Where’s the part two of your “deck-oration” project? Gary @

  6. Yeah, it’s still a little bare here, but I don’t think it needs more d├ęcor for revamping. I think a little paint job would do. Anyway, I know it’s a bit early to think about it, but should we expect the same “deck-orations” this coming April or will you surprise us with a new set? Sol @

  7. Combine the stripe and the watercolor. Put the stripe on the side chairs and the watercolor on the dining chairs. The stripe is beautiful, but it needs a pop of color and they both look like the color is a good match for the cushions. Or mix them. The floral is a little dated and more of an indoor living or bedroom style.


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