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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Five Favorite Fotos: Tulip Season in Amsterdam's Keukenhof Gardens

It's Tulip Time!

I never had a favorite spring flower, until we went to The Netherlands exactly two years ago. That's when I became completely enthralled with those iconic Dutch blooms...the tulip. We spent a day at Keukenhof Gardens, a stunning park about 30 minutes outside of Amsterdam, where,
if you time it right, you'll see over 7 million spring flowers in bloom, predominantly tulips.  The bloom season is a scant few weeks, and there's no guarantee that the timing of your trip and the blooming of the flowers will be in sync. We were incredibly lucky, and hit tulip season at its peak. It's a sight like no other!

Flying into Amsterdam, you can see field after field of tulips from the air. It's a spectacular sight. Reds, yellows, pinks, purples...rainbows of tulip fields.  I snapped the picture above from the bus on the way into the park.  

We did our own walking tour of the park. Around every bend, were beds and beds of tulips, one more stunning than the next. I think we took pictures of every flower in the park.

I haven't been successful planting tulips around my house. Just as the buds appeared, the neighborhood deer went tip-toeing through my tulip beds, and devoured them. After a couple of years, they never bloomed again. This year, I think I'll try a container or two on the front porch, and hope that the deer aren't brazen enough to walk up the steps to have their snack.  

Do you have any suggestions as to how to keep hungry deer away from tulips? 

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