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Thursday, February 5, 2015

10 Tips For Attracting Birds in Winter

Can I confess something to you? 
I could sit at my kitchen table all day long and watch the birds 
flying to and from the feeders in my backyard.
It wouldn't be a very productive use of my time,
but...if I didn't have to...

do the laundry
make dinner
write blog posts
pin on pinterest
work on my fundraiser
pay the bills
upload to instagram
walk the dog
tweet on twitter 
go food shopping
post on facebook

...I just might be tempted to wile away the hours sipping coffee and enjoying the "in-flight" entertainment right outside my window.

I know, get a life, right?
But I find it fascinating, and the best part is, 
you never know who's gonna show up!

Next weekend, I'm going to participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count, 
an online event, where people from all over the world 
post the birds they see in their backyards.
In light of that, I've put together a list of ten ways
to attract birds to your backyard in winter. 

I'll be sharing my list today over at a little CLAIREification
Click here, and we'll "fly" on over together!

I'd really appreciate it if you would leave me a message at Claire's, 
so I know that you visited. 

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  1. You sound like my Mom Amy! She is the same way with the birds. I enjoy watching them too..that is until they come on our back porch and poop:( LOL

  2. I tried leaving a message at Claire's but it wouldn't take! :-(

  3. I've done the Backyard Bird Count! Love your pics as always....

  4. I'm off to check the post and see what I can do to bring more birds to the garden... My cats will love me for it!

  5. A lovely, useful & companionable post. Thank you!

  6. Gorgeous photos of your attractive visitors! Those blue jays are beautiful, as are all the other winged lovelies, but as a Torontonian, I am biased towards these birds, in the name of baseball!


  7. We get lots of birds visiting, even in winter. The cardinals and robins are so beautiful against the gray backdrop of winter.


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