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Tuesday, August 9, 2016


-- aka --

Yes, Virginia, You Can Wear Flip Flops In The Hamptons

A Casual Gudie To The Hamptons  | Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

 What is wrong with me?

It's two hours before we are leaving for a week in the glitzy, glamorous Hamptons, 
and I am first throwing my clothes into a suitcase.
Three days ago, I made sure to pack a bottle of tequila, a corkscrew and three novels,
but clothing, usually at the top of my packing priority list, 
is almost an after-thought. 
Just to be safe, I pretty much take everything I own,
yet, I know, as I'm throwing in two dozen tops and six pair of shoes, 
that I won't wear most of it, because.......

This is not going to be that kind of Hamptons vacation.......
one of reservations at chic restaurants,
 carefully edited outfits,
 or a mid-week blow-out at an over-priced salon.

Nope. I'm too exhausted. For the next week, I just need to......
Sit. Still.

Now that Junior Goo Shoes is away at a summer college program,
 Mr. Goo Shoes and I hit the road for a just-the-two-of-us vacation.
We make great time driving out to the east end of Long Island.
Knowing better than to take the single-lane Rt. 27,
 we veer off the highway at Southhampton.

A Casual Gudie To The Hamptons  | Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

We used to know the back roads like the backs of our hands, even in the pitch dark,
but now, in broad daylight, the choice between Head of Pond Road 
and Lower Seven Ponds Road confounds my Head of Blond.

Eventually we get our bearings, recognizing this farm-stand here, and that cornfield there,
ignoring our GPS, who is imploring us to get back on the main road. 

The windmill in East Hampton waves its arms as we approach
"Welcome back!" it says. 

A Casual Gudie To The Hamptons  | Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

We are staying in Amagansett again, this time, at a different hotel.
I'm still thinking it's too good to be true that we scored an oceanfront one-bedroom upper-level condo when we made the reservation just a week ago.
But, no!  

A Casual Gudie To The Hamptons  | Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

A Casual Gudie To The Hamptons  | Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

The view is a knockout, and, if you know me, it's all about the view.

Although the condo is small, it more than meets our oceanfront expectations.
 No, we both can't stand in the kitchen at the same time, 
but this is not a problem, since the extent of my cooking 
will be brewing coffee and opening yogurt containers.

A Casual Gudie To The Hamptons  | Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

It's late in the day, which is just enough time to put our toes in the sand for an hour or so.

I know without asking that Mr. Goo Shoes wants to have dinner at Lunch.
It's actually called the Lobster Roll, but everyone calls it Lunch
because of the big sign on the roof.

A Casual Gudie To The Hamptons  | Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

We've been there a gazillion times, but not since we got hooked on The Affair.
Is it silly to hope that Alison will be our waitress, and Noah will be at the next table?
Of course, it is, but I'm optimistic, anyway.
No dice. 

We toast the first night of our vacation with pomegranate margaritas.
Mussels in herb butter sauce, a lobster bowl for me; a lobster roll for Mr. GS, 
and we're officially in vacation mode.

A Casual Gudie To The Hamptons  | Ms. Toody Goo Shoes


A Casual Gudie To The Hamptons  | Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

It's a gorgeous day.
I decide that when I run through my "gratitude" list in bed tonight,
I will remember to be thankful that this hotel has beach chair service.
Not having to schlep chairs, umbrellas and a cooler is the ultimate luxury......  
I'll gladly skip fancy shampoos and soaps for someone to set up our chairs.

A Casual Gudie To The Hamptons  | Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

Reading, napping, checking Facebook.....
the rhythm of the waves sets the pace for the day.

Dinner tonight is at our most favorite restaurant in all of the Hamptons -- 
Harvest at Fort Pond. 
No reservations are taken to sit in the patio area, and we expect a long wait.
No sooner do we order two glasses of rose at the bar, than our name is called.
Tables are set within a magnificent garden,
made all the more perfect with the sun setting over Fort Pond.

A Casual Gudie To The Hamptons  | Ms. Toody Goo Shoes #HarvestFortPond

The portions here are family style, so we order one pizza,
and one fish dish -- enough for four people
but hey, that's why doggy bags were invented.

A Casual Gudie To The Hamptons  | Ms. Toody Goo Shoes


One thing I love about the Hamptons is that there is so much to do.
I just don't feel like doing any of it.
This offers a strong insight into my current state of mind,
as I usually plan our Hamptons vacations around the annual Shoe-In Warehouse sale. 
The fact that I am not chomping at the bit to leave the beach early 
to go shopping in East Hampton, is a first for me. 
But I'm not feeling it.
It's just so heavenly to sit here and read.

A Casual Gudie To The Hamptons  | Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

Having gone through many self-awareness diagnostic tools (eg, Meyers-Briggs),
one thing I know about myself is that l'm not good at winging dinner plans.
I prefer to know where we're going in advance, 
but Mr. GS wants to go to Montauk and just find a place.
I consult Tripadvisor while he's in the shower;
and secretly decide that we'll go to The Gig Shack.
"What's this place?" I ask, as we walk by it. 
Mr. GS checks out the menu, and wants to try it.
The Gig Shack, it is, wink-wink.

After dinner, the view from our deck keeps on paying dividends. 

A Casual Gudie To The Hamptons  | Ms. Toody Goo Shoes


Mr. GS is tired of eating breakfast in the condo,
so we head to Mr. John's Pancake House in Montauk.
Eating pancakes before putting on a bathing suit is not the best strategy,
so I opt for an egg white omelette. 

A Casual Gudie To The Hamptons  | Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

While we're waiting outside John's for a table
I notice this sign with suggestions of how to spend the day in Montauk.  
I'm ready to comply, with one exception.
If "Late Night" said, "Get into bed with a good book," I'd be all in. 

A Casual Gudie To The Hamptons  | Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

Back at the beach, my weather ap says it's 9 at home,
but I am wrapped in a sweatshirt and towels.
The wind is so strong, that by 1:30pm, we decide to leave and sit on the deck.

A Casual Gudie To The Hamptons  | Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

At first, I'm bummed about leaving the beach, 
but realize quickly that things could be worse than sitting on a terrace
with a full-on ocean front view.

A Casual Gudie To The Hamptons  | Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

  Dan's Papers, the weekly Hamptons magazine "bible," has just hit the stands. 
 I scour Dan's to see what kind of events are going on.
The antique show tomorrow at James Lane sounds perfect. 
Maybe I'll want to do something other than lay on the beach, after all!

A Casual Gudie To The Hamptons  | Ms. Toody Goo Shoes


It is brutally hot today.
The antique show in town has lost its appeal in this heat.
The only place to be is the beach, but even with a strong breeze, it's beastly hot
I need to go back to the room to chug an ice-cold bottle of water,
and sit in front of the air conditioner for a few minutes.
Just walking back to the room is zapping all of my energy.

Suddenly, a cool breeze comes in from the west,
and the beach is absolutely delightful for the rest of the afternoon.

A Casual Gudie To The Hamptons  | Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

We decide that the contents of assorted doggy bags in the fridge 
will make for a great dinner.
It's kind of nice knowing we're not going out to battle the "beautiful people" 
on a Saturday night.
We are in no rush to leave the beach, 
which is at its finest in the later part of the day.
It is liberating to not have to get dressed and put on makeup after showering.
We clink glasses in appreciation that happy hour on the deck is more enjoyable 
when we don't have to worry about drinking and driving.
Heating up leftovers in a miniature stove proves to be challenging,
made even more so when we discover there are no potholders.
Nothing tastes all that great re-heated, but a walk on the beach at sunset 
is a perfect dessert, since we are usually never around at this time.

A Casual Gudie To The Hamptons  | Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

Almost a week, and I am still content to do nothing but sit on the beach and read.
This is a first for me, and it feels great.
I'm halfway through book #2. 
A Casual Gudie To The Hamptons  | Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

In all the years we have been coming out here
there's a restaurant on the main highway that we've never been to.
Why? I do not know, but  tonight is the night to try Bostwick's Chowder House.
It's a little risky going on a Sunday night, 
when all the New York City slickers will be stopping there on the way home. 

A Casual Gudie To The Hamptons  | Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

The wait is surprisingly short, and
 the corn chowder is deliciously rich.
It is my one big dietary splurge this week.
I counter it with healthy tuna poke tacos, which are outstanding.
I'm so full that I can't even order a kiddie cup of ice cream 

at Scoop du Jour in East Hampton.

A Casual Gudie To The Hamptons  | Ms. Toody Goo Shoes


On our last full day, we can finally say how lucky we have been 
to have had perfect sunny weather for the entire week, without jinxing it. 
Mr. Goo Shoes suggests that we leave after dinner tonight,
instead of in the morning.
Sleeping in our own bed sounds like a plan,    
so we load up the car in the late afternoon.
But, our plans are foiled as the weather reports are showing 
severe thunderstorms all across the area.
We unpack a few things, and hunker down for the night,
and armed with two slices of homemade pie from Lunch..

   DAY 8

A stop at Goldberg's bagels for breakfast, and we're on the road.
This vacation was everything I needed it to be, and I feel rested.
Other than eating, all we did was sit on the beach. 

A Casual Gudie To The Hamptons  | Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

Mr. Goo Shoes decides we don't need to take the back roads on a Tuesday morning.
But, traffic is a nightmare, and the ride home is long, a sure sign that vacation is over.

Even still, it's great to be home. 
Sea Crest Resort (Amagansett, NY)
The Lobster Roll (Amagansett, NY) 
Harvest on Fort Pond (Montauk, NY) 
The Gig Shack (Montauk, NY) 
Mr. John's Pancake House (Montauk, NY)
Bostwick's Chowder House (East Hampton, NY)
Scoop du Jour (East Hampton, NY)
Goldberg's Bagels (Various locations in the Hamptons)
The Affair (Filmed partially in the Hamptons - Showtime) 



  1. It sounds like it was delightful and restful; I loved hearing your "voice" so clearly in this piece. It was also a delight to read!

  2. Oh my gosh, I felt like I was on vacation with you. Sitting at a beach and reading is sounding pretty-darn good right now. Too many deadlines and projects this summer for me. I am ready to follow your lead. Great post, Amy.

  3. What a restful vacation and the view is to die for. I would like that vacation very much. All of the restaurants sound like they were very good.

    I am so glad that you could rest, recharge and just do what you wanted to. Now that's a terrific vacation.


  4. Blissful way to spend time away from home. Loved all of the pics and references.

  5. This is my kind of vacation, Amy. I love to hit the pool or beach, read and dine out! I've always thought that it would be impossible to get a place in the Hampton's in the summer given it's popularity and everything I learned from watching Sex and the City. I'm much like you...I scope out restaurants ahead of time simply by Googling 'Top Ten Restaurants in...'. It's not that I'm terribly fussy, I just don't want to wander into a dive because I'm starving and then find out there is a wonderful restaurant up the street!

    By the way, I'm reading the same book. There is a sequel, too.


    1. Hi Jane, I read about both books on your blog! I did buy both, but only got to the first one (decided to read something else in between). It was a perfect beach read, and I'm looking forward to Brunch in Provence!

  6. That sounds and looks like a wonderful vacation to me! I have never been to The Hamptons. I've always wondered what it would be like. Now you gave me a sense of how it is. I watched that show The Affair too. I didn't know that restaurant really existed! How neat! Is that show on anymore? Your view was wonderful. I agree that the view is more important than the bells and whistles of the condo. I didn't even know that the Hampton's had hotels on the ocean. I've only seen those big beautiful houses that they show on tv. You're lucky that you could just drive there in a day.

  7. This was a pleasure to read Amy. Partly because I know you. Partly because I know the Hamptons and have been to some of the places you've mentioned, but mostly because your voice came shining through with every word.

    Sometimes doing nothing is everything.


  8. Sure looked peaceful and fun! Good for you guys !

  9. Ahhhh what a beautiful and fun and yummy vacation Amy. So happy to share in your joy of this vacation with your post today.

  10. I feel rested after reading this!!! This is the kind of vacation I have been craving. We used to have them when my son was little but lately it has been all about sports events and filling the days with stuff to do. Your pictures make me want to drive there today!!

  11. Good for yo u Amy, sometimes you just need to accept you need time to chill out. With the beach days you and the beautiful views I don't blame you. I'm not a book reader but I would have brought a boat load of magazines.

    Nice to know other ways to get there . Can't wait to hear more when we visit.


  12. Your vacation sounds too good to be true. What a fantastic time to sit on the beach with a good summer read. And having cocktails on your balcony together sounds like a wonderful way to end your day. Boy, all the good places to eat each day, would have me 15 pounds over weight by the end of the week. (But) it would certainly be worth it!!!! Thanks so much for sharing, I'll probably never get to the Hamptons, but your post gave me a taste of what it would be like to be there with you. Fun in the Sun.

  13. Perfect - just perfect! I love the sound of your holiday. It would have suited me to at T. So glad to hear that it did you good.

  14. Unglitzed sounds perfect to me, dear Head of Blonde! Those beautiful blue waters and a lobster bowl and sneaking looks at the Beautiful People. Gosh, Amy, I've never been anywhere near there but have always dreamed of it. The Affair? I am so behind current events!

    I'm glad you felt rested from this trip. Was Lunch in Paris good?

  15. Sitting, relaxing, reading and lovely views.

    All the best Jan

  16. Eating, reading, and not getting all dressed up for dinner sounds like the perfect vacation to me! And I agree, it is all about the view. You guys had a gorgeous one!

  17. Hi Amy, wow that sounds like my kind of vacation, just sitting on the beach, reading and going to so many fun restaurants. Thanks for sharing you week away with us.
    Hope you are staying cool and enjoy the weekend.

  18. Ooh that's my kind of vacation. Reading, napping, checking Facebook and that view... not to mention great food. The Hamptons has it all. Thanks for linking up with #TheWeeklyPostcard and sharing this beautiful post.

  19. What a beautiful place to visit. I love the whole look and feel of the Hamptons. Although I live near the beach here in Australia, I'd definitely like to visit the beaches in the Hamptons too :)

  20. Wow...great pics and telling,have a nice day.

  21. Such lovely shots. Looks like the perfect place for resting and napping!

  22. I have only read about the Hamptons and now that I've seen your beautiful pictures, I want to go. Looks like a perfect place to relax!

  23. It seems like a perfect week. I'm all for a view as well nd this on was stunning!

  24. Oh my, that sounds like a fabulously relaxing vacation. I've never been to the Hamptons, but your photos look just as I've imagined it to be. It's been so long since my husband and I have been on a childless vacation, much less one that lasts a whole week. You really had a great time.

  25. Thanks for taking us along on vacation with you! I feel relaxed and rested!!

  26. How nice it looks! So less sparkling than I thought it would. Now I'd like to visit :) Thanks!

  27. The food, the view! That looks fabulous! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!


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