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Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Do you watch a lot of TV?

I have a few favorite shows, but compared to many people I know,
I don't watch that much.
This might be surprising, considering I worked for a TV network for over 30 years.
During that time, I had to watch every single program we aired on our channels,
since it was my job to decide what times those shows should be on.
That sounds really awesome, right?
Well, it wasn't, when you consider how many awful movies I had to screen,
and how many episodes of series I had to watch,
including ones I didn't enjoy.

And.......I had to do it on my own time, 
because while I was in the office, I had other work to do.
I screened programs while I was getting dressed in the morning........
while I ate lunch at my desk.............
while I was on the train (on my phone).........
while I was cooking dinner..........
while I was eating dinner (when I was single)..........
while I was brushing my teeth and putting on my pj's........
and when I got into bed at night.
More times than not, I fell asleep.
I watched more TV shows with my eyes closed than you can imagine. 

I used to daydream about what it would be like once I left that job..........
I'd have so much free time!
And then I starting blogging, lol, so there went that idea 😜.

Now, I watch only what I really want to watch,
which, of course, includes lots of Property Brothers and Fixer Upper.
But, my TV does occasionally tune to other channels besides HGTV.

Here are a few of my current favorites.


If you haven't seen this dramedy, put it at the top of your list.
It's become appointment viewing for me (Tuesdays, 9pm eastern).
I've even got a reminder on my phone, and......... 
I'll suffer through the commercials,
which that says a lot about how badly 
I want to see the episodes the minute they premiere.  
The ensemble cast and holy-crap story line 
will rip your heart out over and over (but in a good way!).
USA Network is running a marathon of the first 10 episodes  
on Saturday, January 7 starting at 1:00pm (eastern time).
 so you can be all caught up when the series returns on January 10.
You're welcome.   


It wasn't love at first sight for me and The Affair.
It took five episodes to become hooked on this sexy drama/mystery, 
but then I was all in.
The show takes place predominantly in my beloved Hamptons, 
so seeing familiar locations is half the fun.  
Anyone thinking of having an affair may want to watch this show first --
Noah and Alison's lust-liaison has been nothing short of a train wreck 
(or should I say car wreck?) for everyone around them.
Season 3 has been a bit disappointing so far, 
but I'll continue to DVR it, to see what happens in the Alison/Noah/Helen/Cole quadrangle
Let's just say everyone but Cole seems to be a bit unhinged.  



In case I just scared the heck out of you about having an affair, 
this show will make you think twice before having a one-night stand with a stranger.
The Night Of is one of the best edge-of-your-seat crime dramas that I've ever seen
And I mean EVER. 
It follows a complicated murder case,
giving viewers an unpleasant glimpse into the criminal justice system.
As a bonus, you'll have a new understanding of eczema,
thanks to a brilliant performance by John Turturro.
Catch it On Demand - you won't regret it.  
I'll be rooting for this to win a Golden Globe for Best Limited Series on January 8.


Maybe my timing isn't the greatest.........
watching a show that gives insight into what really goes on behind the scenes 
in the White House can't be good for my mental health these days.
However, I can't tear myself away from the power-hungry Underwoods.
Claire and Frank? They make the terror.
  I'm almost finished binging my way through the last four seasons,
so I can be ready to watch season five when it premiers on Netflix, possibly in March.



I just love anything to do with time travel.......
even more so when it includes steamy, sex scenes.
 I'd sign up in a nanno-second to go forward or backward in time, would you?
 Claire Beauchamp, a married British World War II nurse,   
finds herself transported back in time to Scotland, 1743.
There she meets hunky Jamie Frazier -- what to do, what to do?
Should she stay in the past, or go back to the future

Can she alter the future while she's living in the past?
I'm waiting with bated breath for season 3 (which hopefully will be in April),
to see if Claire goes through the stones again,
and who, if anyone, she takes with her. 


The best season was definitely the first,
and I wasn't sure where the show could possibly go from there.
I needn't have worried --  
Carrie Bradshaw's entanglements into complicated international situations 
(that are often too close to real-life events)  
have kept me intrigued over the years.
My DVR is set for January 15, for the start of season 6,
because I need answers..........
Will Carrie go back home to the states?
Will she and Saul team up again?
Will she accept Otto's offer?

And what, oh what is the story with Quinn? 
Stay tuned, as they say.

Next up:


Next to time travel, I'm enamored with anything about the Royals.
As soon as I'm done with House of Cards,
I'll be streaming The Crown during my morning elliptical workouts. 
I hope the Queen Mum doesn't mind if I break out in a sweat while watching.

What's on your TV these days?
Anything you think I should be watching? 


  1. I'm halfway through The Crown - enjoying it very much. I am an Outlander book fanatic, so I know what will happen, but it doesn't make me love the series any less. I also have fallen in love with This Is Us (Jack and Kate are my favorites)

  2. Designated Survivor is awesome but you must start with the first episode. I'm also enjoying again my favorite of all time, Downton Abbey. It's in reruns now! It's the best thing I've ever seen! Jury M.

  3. Watch most of the above and love them all. My all time fave is This Is Us. Love the twists and turns and real to this series. Happy New Year Amy.

  4. Happy New Year Amy!! I don't tend to watch too much unless there is a period drama or Eastenders (TV Soap on the East End of London - nothing like the real thing!). My daughter has really got me into Vlogs though and have got slightly obsessed with Cat and Nat - two American mothers that say it as it is. I really relate to them!! Take care. Chel xx

  5. The only oe I've watched is House of Cards. I tried to get into The Crown but it just didn't grab me. One of our recent favs is Shameless. OMG! SOOOOOOO GOOD!!

  6. Yes to Outlander! And if you think Jamie Frazier is a should also check out Poldark! It's also set in the 1700's...but probably won't return for its third season til next you have plenty of time to catch up! MasterPiece on PBS has some fantastic programming. And we are hooked on Designated Survivor also! Happy watching! ;)

  7. The only show I have seen from your list is This Is Us and think it is phenomenal! Excellent writing with a great cast of characters. I panicked before I read the whole paragraph thinking I missed it last night! I did miss Fixer Upper and I am so mad! I watch a lot of HGTV. I love Survivor and have been watching for years. It starts again in February I think. I also watch The Voice which is done really well also.

  8. Hi Amy, I loved "The night of" as well. Watching "Boardwalk Empire" right now-- Prohibition period crime drama. I'd like to check out "This is us" and "The Crown". I don't watch much TV at all, and when I do it has to really be worth my time, like "The night of"...or "Breaking Bad"-- have you seen that one?

  9. So interesting a post, Amy. We don't have television in Greece - yet - and we've pretty much decided we won't install one. We'd have access to British and Greek shows if we did but we are enjoying life without television there. We find that we read more books, spend more time outside, I spend more time writing. . .it is good to find we can live without it and even better don't live for it. (That is not to say we don't miss our American football games and we have just completed a two-week marathon of football-watching-Bowl-games while we are back in the States. ;-) Happy New Year!

  10. HI Amy, It was interesting to read about your career in the TV industry. I watch lots of HGTV too but would like to get into some drama shows. There are some great suggestions here. Thanks, Joan-My Cookie Clinic

  11. Loved The Crown and I'm watching The Affair right now. I wish we could watch the same shows here in Canada. Love going back home to the States just for the Netflix binge lol

  12. I need to watch This Is Us soon! I've heard such good things! Great post :)

    Edye |

  13. I usually love watching TV shows, but last year, as my health made me really tired, I didn't watch anything in the evening and now that I'm feeling better, I didn't even know what to watch. Thanks for those great ideas!

  14. Happy New Year, Amy!

    Thanks for all the great suggestions. I used to watch a few favourite shows growing up, but apart from Gilmore Girls which ended a while ago, (I did see the special 4 part mini on Netflix), the only thing that really captures my attention these days are cooking shows and only ones that feature simple, rustic fare!


  15. Happy New Year to you and yours Amy! Thanks for these reviews. We couldn't get ourselves to watch Homeland after the first season - perhaps we should take a second look at that? We just loved the first season of Crown and hope there are more seasons to come? Since we live in the country "boonies" we rely on Netflix for some of these shows but don't seem to find the time to watch them - sigh!

  16. Happy New Year Amy!
    Although I don't watch too much TV it was interesting to read your post, thanks.

    All the best Jan

  17. The Crown is so good! We burned through it quickly. I'm actually really enjoying The Affair this year, although you are right about them all being a little unhinged. I've really been into Brit shows like Call the Midwife, Happy Valley, Broadchurch, etc., although those last two are pretty dark.


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