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Thursday, December 22, 2016

A Hanukkah Dinner Menu and My Jelly Bean Problem

What's a blogger to do when most of her readers
don't celebrate Hanukkah, and are in no need of 
a dinner menu for the holiday that commemorates the festival of lights?
She posts it anyway, 
for her blog followers who are of the Jewish faith
but also, in hopes that random googlers querying
"what should I make for Hanukkah dinner?" 
will find their way to her post.
She yearns for them to pin it like crazy, 
which will result in thousands of new followers to her blog.

Can I get an amen?
In addition to a Hanukkah menu 
(that surely, one doesn't have to be Jewish to enjoy),
l've got a little story that has nothing to do with Hanukkah.
 Although, it is conceivable for one to make the connection
 that because jelly donuts are traditional Hanukkah foods,
jelly beans are, too.
Never mind that it is all about the oil that fries the donuts  
surrounding the jelly, and not about the jelly itself. 
It's a minor technicality.
I'm sure the Macabees wouldn't mind me stretching that fact 
for the purposes of a blog post. 

Okay, I'm just going to come out right with it.

I've got a big jelly bean problem.
You may already know about my love affair with sugary confections,
but I think it's getting worse. 

Last week, I was in the supermarket, and noticed that they had little boxes of jelly beans.
I bought one, thinking that eating such a small amount really wouldn't do me much harm.

They really hit the spot.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get them out of my head,
and literally invented a reason 
as to why I needed to go back to the supermarket the next day.
I rationalized that I would buy six eight ten boxes,
and eat just one little box a day.   
It would be a good exercise in self-control.

It didn't help when the cashier remarked that these little boxes 
make such great stocking stuffers!
Uh, yeah, that's why I'm buying them. 

Great idea.  
I went home, and stuffed them in my sock drawer.

The one-box rule worked on day one.........and day two.
On day three, I made a deal with myself that I would have two boxes, 
but then go back to just one a day.
And then on day four, I got on the scale, and practically fainted.
It seems that all of the eating I've been doing (not just the jelly beans, of course) 
finally caught up with me.
I needed to start dieting, ASAP.   

I had to get rid of the rest of the jelly beans, and quickly.
And so, I ate three boxes on days four, and three boxes on day five.

They're gone.
But, now I've got a jellybelly pot belly.

About that Hanukkah menu........

After lighting the first candle, start out with some Chicken Noodle Soup.

Chicken Noodle Soup

 For the main course, make Rosemary Fig Chicken.

Rosemary Fig Chicken

Serve it with a side of Potato Latkes.

Potato Latkes


Brown Sugar Rugelach

And maybe a small box (or three) of jelly beans.
I won't tell. 

Happy Hanukkah!!!


  1. Happy Hanukkah Amy! Enjoy your meal, your family and the time you spend together!! Happy New Year as well. . .

  2. I am laughing so hard that you had to quickly got rid of the jellybeans, so you ate them!! That is my attitude until the first of the year for sure ( not that it is serving me well). My mom was so torn on what to serve because the first night of Chanukah is Christmas Eve.... and the traditional Jewish dinner, of course, is Chinese and not Chanukah fare. We are going to Chinese the first night and then a menu that is very similar to your own the next day.. only we swap your fig chicken for the Silver Palate kitchen's chicken Marbella ( with prunes and olives). No matter what you eat I'm at I hope you have a very happy CHANUKAH!!

  3. Happy Chanukah! Enjoy that delicious looking meal. I just may try a few of the recipes myself for the first night.

  4. Oh Amy, that is way too funny and totally something I would have done! I'm not getting on my scale...I have a weak heart lol.

    Enjoy your Holiday my friend, and happy new year :).


  5. Have a very Happy Hanukkah Amy! Judy M.

  6. Ha ha I also have a problem with jelly beans....and gummy bears. And gum drops. And anything fruity and chewy like that!! I have to stay away from them....but thanks, now I'm totally craving a jelly donut as well! Happy Hanukah, Amy!

  7. First I want to wish you a Happy Hanukkah! Your menu sounds so delicious, especially the chicken and figs. I have had the potato latkes and know they are great. I have a jelly bean problem only once a Easter when they are in your face on all the shelves. I LOVE the bags of Howe jelly beans because they are huge and so colorful. I buy two bags and eat them all myself....over the next month!

  8. LOL Amy this is too funny. I am like that with Swedish Fish. Gosh I love those and they come in those dollar boxes and I always think ok I will only eat a handful and keep them in my desk drawer. Not a good idea because I get busy on the computer and next thing I know is the box is empty!!!!! Carbs are my downfall too. So hard this time of year to stay away from the sugar. Happy Hanukkah. Those potato Latkes looks sooo good. I am not Jewish but love those with applesauce and sour cream. Yum!

  9. Well this is funny, but I can so relate. Sounds like what I would do and have done. I bought a bag of peppermint taffy thinking I'd just have it out in a bowl for looks. Well, it's long gone. The entire bag! And I certainly don't think my husband was the one eating them. Now the bowl has chocolates. At least someone else is eating those along with me. Must stop this holiday candy habit!
    Your Hanukkah meal looks delicious. Thanks!

  10. I don't even dare to bring jelly beans in the house. I even adore the black licorice ones! The movable feast of Chanukah causes so many dilemmas! First we had Thanksgivakuh with turkey and latkes, now the debate of which "traditional" food for the first night! :) My family has always done the Chinese food and a movie thing on the 25th, so I am saved the agony of decision making on the 24th! Swap out brisket for the chicken, and our menus look almost the same! I also make a veggie main dish for the vegetarians at the table. (Quick thought on blogging "Jewish food" on a non-kosher blog: When I first started blogging I questioned the same as you mentioned. Then my Rosh Hashanah honey cake became one of my most popular posts year round having nothing to do with Rosh Hashanah! I stopped wondering about posting "Jewish food" because delicious can appeal to everyone. :) ) Happy Chanukah and a peace-filled New Year!

  11. Ha, ha, ha.!...I love it---splurge and by sugarless jelly belly's---the popcorn is to die for---and other than giving your organs- a work out with the synthetic stuff---lol, you won't have pot belly. Thats about the funniest post I have read this season. And Latkes---oh num, Happy Hanukah! Sandi

  12. Lovely story ...
    Happy Hanukkah ...

    All the best Jan


    Potato Latkes are so good!! Being of Polish descent, we enjoy potato pancakes which are made very similarly.
    I have had several friends that were Jewish as there is a large Jewish population here in my area!! It is a beautiful holiday , rich in tradition and I hope you get to spend it with those that you love!!

  14. Happy Hanukkah! Your menu sounds wonderful...your jelly bean addiction? Normal! Hope you have a wonderful celebration with your family! ;)

  15. Amy, I actually didn't put a tree up this year but, I did make a rustic menorah. Yikes, I know! I read the entire bible this year and after reading it I studied what people of the Jewish faith do for Hanukkah. I read the story in Maccabees and lit my menorah instead. I also got 2 Jewish cookbooks and I would love to make these cookies you have here. I also ordered some matzo meal to make matzo ball soup with too! So your Hanukkah posts are welcome here! Have a wonderful Hanukkah!

  16. What a yummy Hanukkah menu! The deserts look delicious!

  17. Ah - Happy Hanukah to you Amy. Your menu and pictures have me drooling!!! I might have to add some of your Hanukkah traditions to our Christmas ones. You are too funny about the jelly beans ... they totally are yummy and I can see why you couldn't resist.

  18. Happy Hanukkah, my Dear Friend. Blessings to you. The meal looks delicious. I love jelly beans too.

  19. I try to stay away from jelly belly-- they are a weakness of mine! That food looks amazing! We were studying Hanukkah this year and I talked to my boys about making some latkes & a more traditional meal. Happy Hanukkah!

  20. Sorry for the lateness. Hope you have had a good Hanukkah, your menu looks scrumptious, I have copied it into my "must try this recipe" file with good intentions, maybe this year I will make more of an effort! I love your jelly beans tale, skittles are my downfall :-)

  21. Getting rid of jelly beans by eating them!! ahahahaaa


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