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Monday, December 19, 2016


Are there people on your gift list whose names have "cash" or "gift card
written next to them?  

My teenager, Junior Goo Shoes, is one person on my list 
who will be getting some of the green stuff. 

He used to be the easiest to shop for, as are most kids.
 He'd thoughtfully provide us with long lists of what he wanted for Hanukkah
(including every toy he could recall seeing in a commercial),
and helpfully check off pretty much everything in the toy store's catalog.
Ultimately, he'd be happy with whatever we got him. 

You've heard that saying,
"The bigger the boy, the bigger the toys?"
That held true over the years,
until this past week, when my 6'3" teen said,

"There's nothing I really want.....except money."

Well, that's certainly a lot easier than wandering around the mall
searching for things a teenage boy might like.
Yet, it's kind of boring to hand him a bunch of bills. 
Not that he'd mind, 
but I prefer to make things a little more interesting. 

The December issue of Real Simple magazine had just the answer.
They called it a sampler box. 
I call it a money gift box.
 It's a fun way to give Junior GS some cash for Hanukkah.
I'll watch his face register curiosity, when he sees a Bloomingdales box,
 and then delight, as he opens it and finds
it filled with two of his favorite things -- money and candy.

In case you need any of the materials, 
here's a list with affiliate links, for your convenience.
(And, if you order something -- anything at all -- from this affiliate,
I'll get a very small commission).

Gift box (mine measures 8" X 11")
Glue dots (or glue)
Money (bills and coins)

I opted for a candy cane theme for this blog post
but the box can be customized to the recipient's taste.
When I make one for Junior Goo Shoes,
I'll fill it with Kit Kats and M&Ms.

And.........if anyone wants to make one for me, 
you can fill it will jelly beans, gummies and hundred dollar bills 😀. 

Just a little suggestion --
 it helps to secure the baking cups to the tissue paper with glue dots,
so they don't slide around. 

The money gift box........
It's a fun way to give "cash with panache."

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  1. This is great Amy!!! So creative and way more fun than just getting/giving plain old "dough". Love it.

  2. I agree Amy! It's so difficult to get gifts for adults! We get pickier as we get older ;).

    I guess Jr. doesn't read your blog? lol

  3. Hi Amy,
    I agree when the kids get older and just want gift cards or money I like to find cute and fun ways to give it too.
    There is so much on Pinterest too for ideas. Happy Hanukah.

  4. Amy, I love it--as my dear grandmother-in-law used to say, "money is always fits right and is the color!"

  5. What a cute, cute idea. If I wasn't done shopping I would sure do this for a couple of the kids. That pizza one is a GREAT idea, too. What kid doesn't like pizza? lol xo Diana

  6. My grandmother always had chocolate 'Geldt' as she said on the Christmas table. I was very small when I asked why (during the early 1950's), she said as a reminder to give to those in need. So they were also one of the cross-culture items carried in our fresh fish market for all the different nationalities that came in for their special holiday purchases. So, Happy Hannukah and a Merry New Year, Sandi

  7. Oh that's fun. One year when we had a great bonus I clipped $50 bills on the Christmas tree with each of our kids names on them and waited to see who would spot them This year it would be $1. LOL!

  8. Great ideas for displaying money gifts!! That is all I give !! My hubby and I gave up on buying for each other about 10 -15 years ago because we just go out and buy what we want when we want it and I would rather shop after Christmas when everything is much cheaper. My sons have asked for and gotten money since they turned 18 years old( they are in their mid 30's now0 and we give my in laws money because what do you buy a couple in their 80's who have everything.....
    Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by!!

  9. I love it! So much more interesting than an envelope with cash.

  10. Love the candy and money idea and the box is so festive inside. The pizza dough is so creative and would be perfect for my son, the pizza freak!

  11. Hi Amy, yes it does get harder and harder with giving gifts to teens. I love this super cute idea for giving money! Thanks for sharing at C&C with J&J. Enjoy the holidays and have a Happy New Year.

  12. What great ideas here ...
    Thanks for sharing with your fellow bloggers.

    All the best Jan

  13. Such a neat idea!

    I would love for you to share this with my Facebook Group for recipes, crafts, tips, and tricks:

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  14. Cute ideas! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home! Happy Hanukkah!

  15. I love the peppermint theme! It's festive. I'm sure your son will love his version. I like the Pizza Dough idea, too. And I see you've changed your- oh, my mind is drawing a blank-- your header pictures. For Winter?

  16. Hi Amy,
    What a fun and creative way to gift money! I think a few (ALL) of my kids would appreciate this kind of a surprise. I just might give it a try.


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