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Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

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Thursday, December 15, 2016


Just a quickie......
I popped into the city for a few hours to meet some friends for lunch. 

Here are a few snaps from this cold and windy day.

I walked through Bryant Park, and peeked into a few of the pop-up holiday shops.
The building with the green windows was where I worked for many years.
I had a great view overlooking the park.   

That's the back of New York Public Library, 
which faces Bryant Park.

This is the front of the library, as I walked down 5th Avenue.
Not the best shot.....

 I had some time to kill, so I went to Lord and Taylor's.
I always love their Christmas decorations.
Didn't buy anything!

A few hours later, I was headed back to my car, 
parked near Times Square.

That's it.......
Just a little bite of the Big Apple today!

Best of the Weekend


  1. Thanks for the great pictures, Amy. I was only in NYC once back in 1979! I want to get hubby to go on a little vacay there. I'd love to spend two full days in Central Park and a lot of time shopping! As he works in downtown Chicago, he's not crazy about more crowds. I'll convince him!! ;-D


  2. New York is at its best at Christmas. Lucky you!

  3. I love NYC at Christmas time. I was there the first weekend this month. Happy Holidays!

  4. Oh Amy to live and be able to visit NYC. What a great place. Wow love Lord and Taylor's Christmas decor too.
    Soooo Pretty! Happy Holidays.

  5. Visiting the big apple at Christmas time would be wonderful - one day we would love to do this! Fabulous pictures Amy!

  6. What a fun taste you gave us of the Big Apple!

  7. Such great pictures Amy - thanks so much. I got to go to NYC in the 90's doing the holidays and stayed at the Grand Hyatt. All the decorations were stunning and I loved every minute I was there. I need to go back again.

    Have a wonderful Holiday Season.


  8. The best time to visit the city is at Christmastime, for sure, Amy!! I used to work in one of the restaurants at Rockefeller Center when I was in college - it was an amazing place to work all year, but around the holidays was by far the best!!

  9. Great! Sharing with my hubby! He's talking again about maybe taking a trip there this coming summer :-)

  10. I always love when you share your pictures of New York. But now that I understand that you drive in New York, I have a whole new respect for you! I would never drive in Paris ;)


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