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Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Is there a TV show that had an influence on your life?

Perhaps Julia Child's shows inspired a love of cooking?
Or, maybe Rick Steves travel shows sparked a desire to see the world?
Perchance CSI Miami gave impetus to enrollment in studying forensics? 

If you would have asked me a few weeks ago whether a TV show 
had any influence on my life, I would have said no.
I mean, Baywatch didn't sway me to take the lifeguard test.......
Glee didn't embolden me to audition for a Broadway show........
And, Spongebob Squarepants didn't ignite a passion in me 
to flip burgers at a fast food joint.

I've had so many favorite TV shows over the years,
I'd be hard pressed to pick out one above the rest.
But the recent passing of Mary Tyler Moore
got me nostalgic for one of my favorite sitcoms of all time.
Mary Richards first took on Minneapolis when was when I was in high school, 
and her show ran until my last year of college. 
In that pre-DVR era, I made sure to be 
in front of the TV, faithfully, week after week.
After her death, I read all of the tributes to Mary on my Facebook page,
and it wasn't until a day later,
that it occurred to me that perhaps, on some sub-conscious level,
The Mary Tyler Moore show did play a role in my life's path. 

Me, many years ago, early in my television career, wearing a hideous sweater.

I can't say I turned the world on with my smile......
and I surely couldn't take a nothing day, 
and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile......
Could it be that seeing Mary Richards go off on her own 
to live in the big city of Minneapolis
planted a seed in my brain that a girl from suburban NJ
could move to the big city of New York?
(I even had a single girlfriend in the apartment next door --
her name was Linda, not Rhoda).

My cat, Rocky, (before computers ), helping me to decide what day, and what time, the programs should air.

Was I content to be a single career woman 
because Mary showed me it was something to be proud of?
(Yes, I was, until I met Mr. Goo Shoes, that is).

The Saturday Night Guarantee - one of my big ideas.

Did listening to Mary's banter with her boss, Lou Grant,
prepare me to work for a man with a big, bold personality,
whom I adored in a platonic way, much like Mary adored Lou?

The office I had for most of my career.

Was being exposed to a shallow, vain and pompous fictitious anchorman 
handy preparation for the many Ted Baxters I met throughout my career, 
regardless of whether they were on camera or behind the scenes?

My office building in New York City.

These certainly weren't conscious thoughts
and I'll never really know if the MTM show really found it's way into my psyche.
I like to think it did. 

The view from my office: Empire State Building and Bryant Park.

So, thank you, Mary......
If you hadn't "made it after all,"
who knows if I would have?

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  1. What a fun post. I remember watching MTM as a newlywed right out of college.

  2. Aww, this is such a great post Amy! And it certainly rings true to this gal in so many ways (as you know!).
    MTM was amazing - a class act, for sure.
    Hope you are doing well!! xoxo

  3. Sensational WERE Mary Richards on a much more heavy level. NYC living so young? And that plush office, you must have been an early and great success! If I could even admire you more...

    I was a teen when I would watch her show on Saturday nights. For some reason she always seemed sad and frustrated in my 'child-mind'. Her workmates gave her hell, her apartment mates were so very odd...even her apartment made me sad! I don't know why!!! She played the straight man role and I wanted her to be happy. I guess I have a different version because I was young and totally didn't get 'it'.

    Nevertheless, I admire your drive, then and now!

    Jane x

  4. Sounds to me like there are too many similarities to the show for it not to have influenced you in a very good way. I watched it faithfully, as I did all of her shows. Great post!

  5. You had such a great view Amy! Those must have been fun times, but not nearly as fun as blogging when you get to meet so many awesome ladies like moi, right??! Lol

    I'm pretty sure some how there was a bit of influence or inspiration from MTM. But it looks like you could have kicked her butt in the corporate world :).


  6. What a great post Amy! Yes, I can see many similarities between you and MTM. You had a great office and must have done very well in your career. Have you ever thrown your hat up in the air like she did? That would surely prove it :). Hugs!

  7. Oh-yes- She was a trendsetter that's for sure...breaking barriers with class and aplomb. We were lucky to have had her as a role model...and I, too, worked in television for several years so know all about all the DRAMA that never appears on screen anywhere. lol I could never decide whether I was blessed or cursed while I was there. lol xo Diana

  8. Mary was such an influence for so many women starting out careers. I am glad she had a great influence on you too. What a great career you had in television. Have a great rest of the week.

  9. I remember enjoying that show. I think she was a role model for a lot of women.

  10. What an exciting career you had at an early age! I loved MTM too and wanted to get out of my small town and live her life. I ended up in media too (newspapers) and it was always an interesting place to work. Fun days and teamwork putting the paper to bed each deadline then heading for a celebratory drink :-)

  11. A fun, but interesting post.
    so many of us do remember MTM

    Hope you are having a good week

    All the best Jan

  12. I just love this post! Over the years of reading, I picked up that you were an executive at HBO (even though I am not sure you have ever directly said it before). It is really cool to see what you actually did and what a HUGE career you had. While I am too young to have watched first-run MTM, I am just the right age to remember the Saturday Night Guarantee in the early to mid-90's. I remember checking the movies out on sleepovers and then watching them BEFORE going out in college. I remember this as a big, big deal before on-demand, streaming, etc. You really are like MTM to a whole bunch of people my age! I read the post twice I love it so much--ps, I actually think the sweater holds up!

  13. Wow, you had quite the office....with an amazing view, no less! I can't complain, I look out my office windows to the mountains across the way! :)

  14. This was such a great post. I enjoyed learning more about your past carrier... And it was also a touching tribute.

  15. Amy, You looked awesome in your sweater set! I really enjoyed reading about your career and Mary Richard's influence on you and so many of our generation. (The MTM show started in my freshmen year of high school.) You really did follow in her footsteps. I am very impressed with your success and how cool to work in NYC and overlook that beautiful view. Thanks for sharing your story. Joan

  16. You really did live a life similar to hers!! I loved Mary too. She was something else and quite a role model for all of us.

  17. I also have pondered a bit about Mary. The most important thing was all the social issues that the show was able to tip-toe into. Later Murphy Brown plowed into those same issues with guns blazing. Would we be the same people without them? I would like to think not...kudos to the networks for giving us role models that were real, and 'making it after all'!

  18. Amy, a wonderful and inspiring post, not that I ever wanted to be a 9 to 5er, (did it for a year, and it was enough to last me a lifetime!), but for your drive, confidence and dedication. You may have left the business world for the bloggerhood, but your snazzy office still shows telltale signs of your sassy presence!



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