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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Meet Sadie Silverpaws

Just when I started to wonder what on earth my next post was going to be, Sadie and I got invited to a Pet Party at Debbiedoo's. If you want to see some adorable pet posts, head over to the party. You don't have to bring a gift…maybe just a comment or two. 

Sadie is my four-legged daughter, and I think she looks exactly like her daddy, Mr. Goo Shoes.  If he'd let me, I'd put up picture of him so you could judge for yourselves, but Mr. Goo Shoes is camera-shy when it comes to having his photo on blog posts seen all over the entire world wide web.  

She looks just like him, really. You'll have to trust me on this one.

He says she looks like me, but you can see my photo over there on the right. Do we look anything alike? 

Thank you…I didn't think so. 

Sadie is a cockapoo, and is four years old. She is the sweetest little dog. She has to stop to say hello to everyone.  This can get a bit frustrating, since she will just lay herself down in the street waiting for the person who is a mile away to come over and pet her.  I've had to pick her up and carry her on more than one occasion. 

This was Sadie on the day we first got her. She was 12 weeks old.

She loves Halloween...

She is a huge fan of the NY Giants...

And she loves her friend, Speck. 
A sniff hello…

A secret shared…

And a kiss…

When Junior Goo Shoes was smaller, he liked to hang out with her in her room.

Sadie likes ping pong, but she thinks the object of the game is to grab the ball and eat it. 

Her favorite stuffed animal is Black Puppy.  I think she feels a special connection with him.

She's our sweet girl… and we love her!

Until next time…

Ms. Toody
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  1. Sadie, I wish I could come and kiss you too!:) Lucy just did. How cute. Thanks for sharing.

  2. A fun thing to see to start my morning. Can't wait to see her interact with my Cockapoo, Lexi. Thanks.

  3. So the small, dark, and hairy - lol! Sadie is so cute, and she looks well loved too :)

  4. This post is just too cute! Your pup is adorable. I'm such a dog lover. I just love all of them!

    Julie @ This Gal Cooks


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