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Monday, June 9, 2014

My Blog Writing Process: A Blog Tour

My Writing Process - A Blog Tour --- Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

Did you ever have one of those moments,
when you wish you could hit the rewind button?

Friday morning was one of those times I'd like a do-over.

I just sat down to begin writing this post,
when I spilled an entire mug of coffee all over my laptop.

 (Insert many un-lady-like expletives here).

My laptop is dead as a doornail.
I feel like I am missing an appendage. 

So, let's start with the fact that as of now,
my blog writing process is sans laptop.

I was thrilled that Claire, from a little CLAIREification,
asked me to participate in this Blog Tour,
where I get to tell everyone about my writing process!
 But then, I realized...oh, crap, I don't really have one...
and not only that...I'm up after Claire?
Those are some big blogging shoes to follow!

If you haven't visited a little CLAIREification,
please hop on over. 
Claire is always cooking up something easy and delicious,
or making some awesome craft.
She has a terrific sense of humor, a great down-to-earth writing style,

and never fails to make me chuckle.
Oh, and she may actually love cheese even more than moi :)
You can read about her blogging process here.
And now, on to the four questions...

What Am I Working On?

My Writing Process - A Blog Tour --- Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

1. Becoming more structured in the way I present content.

I've always got a gazillion things percolating in my brain, 
and a list of ideas from here to Claire's house in Florida.

Sometimes, I feel like my blog is 
one big hodgepodge of randomness, and I need to reel myself in.
I'm now starting to organize my posts on an editorial calendar.
I'm aiming for one "food" post, one "home" post, 
and one "other" post each week. 

You've noticed, right?

Oh. Okay, anyway...

 The calendar keeps my brain from wandering in a million directions.
I'm constantly re-arranging it, but it makes me feel 
more in control to have a kinda-sorta plan. 
It's way better than having my ideas 
 swimming "free-style" around in my head. 

2. Writing a multi-part series on a Mansion tour.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the mother of all home tours
at one of the top 20 largest homes in the US, and it was fabulous!
My poor friend who went with me had to suffer through my 
endless photography of 38 rooms and outdoor spaces.
I think I saw her write a note to self:
"Never go on a mansion tour with a blogger!"

I've got hundreds of photos to sort through and edit, 
so it may be a few weeks before I launch it,
but I promise there will be a lot of home decor eye candy to ogle!

3. Thinking about using guest bloggers.

I've been bouncing around an idea in my head
that would feature a different guest blogger 
maybe once or twice a month.
I need to nail down the concept,
and figure out how it fits into my editorial calendar (see #1).

And then, I have to work up the nerve
to ask you all if you'll do some writing over at my place.
I'll make dessert :)
4. Focusing on non-blogging stuff!

On the home front, I'm knee-deep in packing 
Junior Goo Shoes' trunks for sleepaway camp...
and working on a little "secret garden" in my backyard.
You know that these will turn into blog posts, too, right? 
Nothing is safe from becoming blog fodder, 
I tell you...Nothing!
How Does My Work Differ From Others in its Genre?

My Writing Process - A Blog Tour --- Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

Ironically, what sets me apart is what every other blogger has
each in our own individual ways...

Voice   Expression
Passion   Enthusiasm
Heart   Dedication

Oh, and a thesaurus.

My blogging mantra is to not take myself too seriously.
I'm not an expert in anything, and I don't pretend to be on my blog.
My approach is more like,
 Hey, I just tried this...
it came out okay...
If I can do it,
you may want to try it, too.

I also try to keep things light,
 throw in a bit of humor when I can, and keep things real.
By injecting little stories from the homestead,
hopefully the "me" comes through
to make my blog just a bit different from the "Next Blog>>"
(That's a little "Blogger platform" humor). 

Why Do I Write What I Do?

My Writing Process - A Blog Tour --- Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

Phew, finally an easy question.

I write about what I love.
I spent over 30 years focusing on my career,
and never had enough time to spend on my interests.
Now, I am making up for lost time!

Friends always ask me why I started blogging.
I tell them it's a way to satisfy my  passions...

...all in one place!
How Does Your Writing Process Work? 

My Writing Process - A Blog Tour --- Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

Oy vey, my process? Really?

I usually write the first rough draft of my posts in my head.
Yeah, I do. 
This happens mostly when I'm walking my dog,
or driving into NYC,
or talking to my friends on the phone.
OMG, I did NOT just say that!

Truth be told, I do a lot of under-cover work.
My creative juices start flowing when my head hits the pillow,
so I am  constantly reaching for a flashlight
to jot down notes under the covers.

When I do sit down at the computer, 
I write whatever comes into my head,
just to get the basic framework down, and jazz it up in later drafts. 
What works best for me is to step away for awhile,
and come back to it with fresh eyes.

I photograph EVERYTHING...
because I never know what might become a future post.
My family and friends know now that it's "photos first..."
before a bite is taken, or the festivities begin.

Ideally, I like to have my photos done in advance, 
so that I am not writing and shooting at the same time.
But, there are plenty of times when I am frantically trying to get 
that perfect shot minutes before I hit "publish."

Even with my new editorial calendar,
I never seem to be able to have my posts written in advance.
Nope, I am a down-to-the-wire kind of girl...
but I sure would like to get to that point, 
where I've got them stockpiled on a shelf,
 and can pull them out when I need them, 
like canned goods in winter. 
Yeah, that'll happen.

And now... I am off to swim across the great Atlantic Ocean,
so I can pass the Blog Tour baton to Poppy from Poppy View

Poppy blogs from the island of Crete in Greece.
When I first started reading blogs,
I wanted to find bloggers from places I'd been to.
Luckily, her blog popped up on my radar,
and although I have not been to Crete,
Poppy's "view" of it has pushed it high up on my bucket list.  

Poppy's writing is guaranteed to make you smile.
Her prose is filled with sunshine and olive groves;
 flowers and vineyards.
The views from her balcony can bring you to your knees. 

Here is a sampling of her posts... 

My "Happy" Kitchen 

 Launching My Blog Amid Feminine Brain Fog

Prince Richard, the Cat: Public Relations Expert

Don't forget to head over to Crete
and check out Poppy View! 

I thank you for indulging me,
and reading about my so-called blog writing process.


  1. It was so fun to read this, Amy and thrilled you could follow me on this "whirlwind tour". ;) I have an editorial calendar too - I just change it all the time too. lol
    Re: your laptop - OMGosh I would cry like a little girl if that happened. I'm talking "ugly cry". So sorry that happened!
    I cannot wait to "meet" Polly next on the tour - she sounds wonderful. I hope you have a fantastic week!

    1. Thank you, again, Claire, for asking me! You've been so good to me :) Yeah, I'm still crying. I can't believe what I did. I'm furious at myself!

  2. I really enjoyed reading about your process to blogging. Guess what? I was just invited to participate in this blog tour too! Oh my. I have big shoes to follow! I think you're a natural writer! Your blog posts are always entertaining and well written. Looking forward to more of them in the future. I know you will be able to get even more done after your son goes away to camp!

    1. Thanks, Kelly! I'm happy to hear that you are going to be doing this, too! I can't wait to read it! And thank you for the compliments - I really appreciate them :) I can't believe my son leaves in 2 1/2 weeks :( He can't wait!

  3. Whew - that was a whirlwind tour of your process! Please don't get too structured - one of the things I truly enjoy about your posts is the 'randomness' of them. When I get the sense that a writer is sharing her real world, real up-the-minute (well, up to date, anyway) thoughts and experiences, I am caught and want to come back.
    I've been busy with house-sale-business but I'm back at my laptop again (oh, and sympathy for yours) so I'm off to look at your posts that I've missed.

    1. Thank you, Honora, for enjoying my randomness! I am good at that, and I appreciate your feedback more than you could know. I hope tings are going well with your house sale!

  4. Well, firstly, my condolences to you for the sudden passing of your beloved laptop. Despite its antioxidant and energizing elements, it's apparent that caffeine can also kill poor, defenseless victims in one shocking spill; that's one lethal liquid, for sure!

    But, as always, you managed to get the job done, on ''deadline', and 'dead on' target, (please - pardon the puns!). It doesn't surprise me one bit that your head is permanently processing potential posts! Like you, lit seems that little light bulbs go off in my brain the second I switch off the lights and my head hits the pillow. But, your little 'bulbs' bloom into beautiful posts of faraway places, doable projects and of course, delectable dishes! And even if you were to write about all of them in one, single post, it would be a gourmet, random, blogger buffet!

    So enjoyed reading about your blog writing process which makes an appearance in all of your entertaining posts!
    And lastly, thank you so very much for inviting me on this wonderfully inspiring blog tour, and the very sweet intro!

    P.S. Who knew there was so much goodness in a tin can?:))

    1. Thanks for your sympathy about my laptop. I am devastated! I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one blogging while they are in bed ! Thank you also for your lovely compliments :) I cannot wait to read yours, Poppy; I know it will be a treat with your very special spin on it!

  5. I don't know how bloggers write in advance. I have to write what is happening right now. Or what I'm thinking about. Right now. I guess I'm just a "right now" kind of girl!

    1. And that is why I love your blog, Brenda! Sharing your day-to-day makes everyone who reads it, feel like a good friend!

  6. Your heat must have sunk when that happened to your laptop. I can't imagine what that feels like. I really enjoyed this post and would love to guest post, I know VERY nervy of me, when we are settled in the new house. I think you have come up with some great stuff. I want to make some changes to my page once in the new house. When I write a post, I first do a draft and let it sit for a bit and then g o back and read it again. I usually make changes and then let it sit again and read it one more time to make sure I am happy with my wording. This year while building the house I really have read so much that I have changed my writing a bit for the better, I think anyway. I plan on adding cooking and baking posts in here and there since I enjoy both so very much. The project area will be many things in a new home.


    1. I think we all grow as writers, the more we do this, Cynthia! That's the great thing about blogging. Hopefully, we each get better and better at it. And, I'm glad to know that you would do a guest post! I've got to flesh out my concept, so stay tuned!

  7. I am so sorry about the untimely passing of your laptop! Been through that not too long ago and it taught me run my time machine running every 24 hours, without fail.

    I publish daily. I am afraid there's nothing more to it.

    1. I love your daily photos, even though sometimes I am catching up on a week's worth at a time. As for my laptop, I've been pretty good with backing up on an external drive, but wouldn't you know it, Merisi, I think I forgot to hook it up for a couple of days, so I think I lost some photos. Not sure yet, until I get a new laptop, and restore everything.

  8. Ack! Even the thought of losing my laptop gives me anxiety. Your blogging process is a lot like mine. I do not take myself too seriously. This is fun and too much structure stifles creativity. I just made that up. ;) I do love real ideas of what's going on in people's lives right now. It makes me feel normal and not odd that everyone else has "in process" photos.

    1. Well, I like the concept you just made up, and I agree with it! Keeping it real is important to me, and that's what attracts me to other blogs, like yours!

  9. This is a wonderful post, Amy...except for the part about killing your laptop. You poor girl! Your blog process and my own are pretty similar. I think about what I will write- think about what pictures I have and then it just kind of falls into place. Great post- Amy- xo Diana

    1. Thank you, Diana! I love hearing about how other people "create." Now, my pictures are stuck on an external hard drive until I buy a new laptop...Arggghhhh!

  10. I am sorry I laughed at you spilling coffee on your laptop. Seriously though I hope you can get another or fix it somehow. Great post and funny, thanks for visiting my humble blog.

    1. It's okay that you laughed! It can't be fixed, so I'm going to have to get another, hopefully, tomorrow.

  11. I'm sorry to learn of the demise of your laptop…take had to be a terrible feeling. I enjoyed your post, it was a nice way to get to know you and your blog.

    1. Thank you, Karen! I'm glad you took the time to visit, and leave a comment!

  12. I like your approach! I too don't really have much of a routine, I don't take it toooooooo seriously as far as my writing or content go. Some of the silliest things have been my best posts so I have learned just to share and do all that I love!

    1. Thanks, Debbie! I agree - some of the posts that I've dashed off at the last minute have been my best, too!

  13. Fun project Amy! Nice to see how other bloggers put it all together. I went to a car show lately and held our whole group up while I took a gazillion pictures of some sweet collectibles. You and I would make a good pair - lol!


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