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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Packing Up The Camp Trunks

Packing Up Camp Trunks: : Oy, so much work I had to write a song about it!   -- Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

Yes,  I have finally lost my mind. 
Too much camp packing can do that to a person.
This song just kind of wrote itself while I was gathering all the stuff Junior Goo Shoes needs for camp.
Now...everyone sing along with me...

"I've Been Packing Up The Camp Trunks"
by Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

To be sung to the tune of "I've Been Working On The Railroad"

I've been packing up the camp trunks
Pick-up day is near...
I've been packing up the camp trunks, 
So my kid has all his gear...

Don't you hear the campers shouting,
"Mom, you forgot my comb..."
Can't you hear the campers shouting,
"Mom, why'd you leave that home?"

"Don't forget the sheets...
Don't forget my cleats...
Don't forget my underwe-ee-ear!

Don't forget my bat...
Don't forget my hat...
Don't forget my folding chair!"

Someone's gotta find the hiking boots,
Flashlight, deck of cards and five bathing su-uits...
Bugspray, backpack, and two foam egg crates...
And something for the camp bunk mates...


Stamps and envelopes...
Remembered the toothpaste, too, I ho-ope.

Rain pancho and also-o-o...
Six shirts with the camp logo!

I've been packing up the camp trunks,
Oy vey! I've had enough!
I've been packing up the camp trunks,
So my kid has all his stuff.

Don't you hear the campers shouting,
"You forgot my baseball cap!"
Can't you hear the campers shouting...
"I have no jock strap!"

"Mom, that doesn't fit,
I swear it doesn't fit...
Mom, that doesn't fit no mo-o-ore!

Mom, I really grew,
I need something new...
C'mon, just take me to the store!"

I forgot to buy those cardboard drawers.
Where's the face paint for color wa-ar?
Gotta label thirty pairs of socks!
And damn this under-bed box!

Oh... %*&#   it!

Extra batteries...
Five more towels I gotta squee-eeze,

and a sleeping bag...

Yeah, packing for camp's a breeze!

Can someone else do it, please?

Packing Up The Camp Trunks - Ms. Toody Goo Shoes
Packing Up The Camp Trunks - Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

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  1. Hahahaaaaa. That's hilarious. And my word, that's a lot of schtoof!!

    1. You have know idea how much stuff- And he barely wears half of it!

  2. My goodness! Ms. Toody what a task! Phew. ...the song was great. Poor dear. Well, now that everything is packed and out of the way, time to sit back, pour yourself a drink and enjoy your time off! ;D


  3. Great song! I will be doing this for the 8th year in a row this August! Oh, and how about the 8 trips back and forth to the camp over two weeks? My son's camp is for two weeks with weekends back home! Can't's all FREE! It's my mini vacation in the summer too!

    1. It is a vacation, that's for sure -- for us and for him! Mine goes for seven weeks!

  4. Trouble is Amy that they have to pack it all up too for the way home - thick with mud! I love your song and it will probably be in my mind for the rest of the day making me smile. Enjoy the weekend xx

    1. Yes, what comes back home is not pretty. I don't let those trunks in the house until I've cleaned them out in the garage...and some stuff, like socks, get tossed right in the garbage-ola!

  5. LOL, Amy. Oh- I remember those days so well. It was so much fun! With out YOUNGEST son-who was a hot mess- I would pick an old suitcase up at a garage sale or thrift store, fill it with not-so-great clothes and we would toss the whole thing when he was done because everything in there was stunk!
    Happy Packing/Camp-ing~ xo Diana

    1. Oh yeah, the stench is something else! I empty the trunks in the garage, throw some stuff right in the garbage, and the rest gets put in big plastic bags till I can get it in the washing machine. GROSS!

  6. I actually sang the words in my head as I read! You're hilarious! OK, well, you know you've done it all when you pack up your 6th grader for camp and then not too many years later she's a 6th grade teacher and I packed her off again! Enjoy your Sunday! Oh..and Happy Father's Day to Mr Toodyy :)

    1. I'm so glad you sang it, June -- makes me happy:) I know, the years do fly by, don't they? Thank you for the Father's Day wishes to Mr. Toody!

  7. That was good! You had me singing along! I well-remember those days, but I was packing for a GIRL so there seemed to be twice as much stuff. Those camp days were precious, and she remembers them fondly, so all the aggro was worth it!!

    1. Thanks for singing along :) Yes, I imagine the girls must be a lot worse...My son's big thing is sneakers! He wants to take too many! Yes, it is worth it, because he LOVES it!

  8. Hi Amy! I'm stopping in from Let's Get Real today. It is so nice to meet you and your blog. I love the name. Very clever! I was laughing through the entire song. Since I am sitting at my desk at work, let's hope my neighbors don't think I've gone completely mad. So............I've got one this for a weekend camp? LOL! I sent my son to Boys State and he had to pack suits, ties, and dresh shirts along with all of the usual camp items. That packing sure was an adventure. I hope your son has a great time at csmp and you don't miss him too much.

    1. It's nice to meet you, too! This is a 7-week sleepaway camp. They don't come home at all. There is one visiting day in the middle for parents, so yes, I miss him terribly, but he loves it! Thank you for stopping by, and...for singing my song while you were at work!

  9. That's hilarious Amy! It seems this isn't your first rodeo either. :) I'm stopping by from the Let's Get Real Link Party. It's great to have you join us this week.

    1. Definitely not my first, and almost my last rodeo, Nicky! I'm so happy when it's all finished!


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