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Sunday, January 9, 2022



 Flabbergast, a 100-foot mural painted
 on corrugated metal by artist Todd Gray,
is a permanent fixture near the 9/11  Memorial Plaza 
at the World Trade Center site.

Flabbergast, a 100-foot mural painted  on corrugated metal by artist Todd Gray, is a permanent fixture near the 9/11  Memorial Plaza  at the World Trade Center site. | Ms.Toody Goo Shoes

 The artist says,
"...It is humbling to have played,
and be able to continue to play
a small part in the healing of this holy space."

 I took this photo on November 27, 2020,
when Junior Goo Shoes and I were badly in need 
of an escape from quarantine life.
We took a ride into New York City
and spent a couple of hours taking pictures
around the 9/11 Memorial and Oculus
 It was a healing expedition for us, that day,
to be outside, in the city we love,
surrounded......albeit masked and socially distanced......
by other people. 

This is my first time linking up with
Monday Murals,
a meme by Sami of Colourfulworld,
all the way from Perth, Australia!

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  1. For a first time posting, this is a truly wonderful entry. Reminds me a bit of the comic book art I have seen from the 50s and 60s in the states. It's also a wonderful tribute that is welcome near this almost holy area.

  2. Beautiful and how nice to be near the 911 memorial. Happy New Week. xoxo Kris

  3. Amazing art. So glad you out to see this and share with us Amy.

  4. Darn it- just lost my comment. Anyway, Amy - Glad you were able to get out in public and what a great piece of artwork/tribute. xo Diana

  5. Welcome. That's a nice find. And a nice one to start with. Colorful and very suitable for the place

  6. Wow, this sure is very powerful.
    It must be some experience to be there. And such a colorful mural sure speaks big words.
    Your TOPICS-list sounds very inviting.
    I think I might pop in in work-breaks :-)

  7. Thanks for joining us Amy. You found a wonderful and colourful mural in New York City.
    Thanks for participating in Monday Murals and hope to see you often.

  8. It's a powerful entry, Amy, and I know that Sami will be delighted to see you participate. It is not hard for any of us to understand the need to get out in November 2020, having been imprisoned by the pandemic. Who would have thought we would still be dealing with these issues today and there appears to be no end in sight. Keep your fingers crossed though, even pandemics can't last forever!

  9. I remember my first sojourn out after being so restricted and it was such a lift. I can see why this would be exactly the same -- and with all that color and bright! Thanks for taking us to this memorial and sharing the mural.

  10. Welcome aboard! Love this mural. We are back in lockdown and it is seriously messing with my mood!

  11. I adore the mural. I am glad you were able to see it.

  12. Fabulous mural! I hope to see it in person some day.

  13. What a beautiful mural. The colors are very uplifting, I bet it was a nice trip.

  14. I like that mural Amy, and I'll have to check it out when I'm in that area. I enjoy visiting the Oculus and downtown. I hope you have a nice week Amy.

  15. I love the Mural and would like to thank you for taking the time to share it with us. I hope you have a wonderful day and fun filled week.

  16. Oh I remember seeing this when we visited in November.

  17. What a beautiful shot - so colorful and full of life.
    Thank you for sharing at

  18. Such amazing art! So glad you were able to see and share it with us.

    Happy Tuesday!

  19. In an everyday walk, I could certainly enjoy the art. Very Pop and Andy Warhol and very 70-80's. And kudos for working on corrugated metal...not an easy surface. Near the World Trade Center...I don't know. I guess I will have to visit to know! Great post and photo, though! Stay Safe! Sandi

  20. That mural is incredible. Someday when the pandemic is over I hope to get back for a visit to NYC. Thanks for sharing it with us. xo Laura

  21. Very cool! Will definitely have to check it out next time we are in NYC. It wasn't there yet when we visited the 911 Memorial.

  22. Its a beautiful and incredibly colorful mural. I like it !

  23. What a beautiful mural this is.
    Many thanks for sharing it here.

    My good wishes for 2022.

    All the best Jan


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