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Monday, December 23, 2013

Best of 2013: Ms. Toody's Top Five Dessert Recipes

Top Five Dessert Recipes of 2013 --- by Ms. Toody Goo Shoes
Who knew blogging was going to be a fattening hobby? 

When I look back at all of the baking I did, it's a wonder I didn't put on 50 pounds!

I think my New Year's Resolution for 2014 should be that I post more about salads...

or lamps...

or something non-caloric, anyway.

Anyway, sound the trumpets, dim the lights and give me a drum roll...

Here are my Five Most Popular Dessert Posts of 2013.

1. No-Bake Key Lime Pie 

Have you ever made a food faux pas?

You know, a bonafide blunder, like not knowing the proper way to eat a certain food, or asking what something is on the menu that is so common, the waitress looks at you like you're from Mars?  Read more...

No Bake Key Lime Pie --- by Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

2. "Brookies"  

I made these for Junior Goo Shoes when he came home from camp after being away for seven weeks.  

The parents were cheering and clapping as the buses pulled into the parking lot, unaware that on board the buses, the campers were chanting…


Thankfully the bus driver didn't listen, and the kids got off the buses with great big smiles. Read more...

Brookies  --- by Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

3. Banana-tella Bread  

How do you like your bananas? On the greener side? Covered in speckles? Somewhere in between?

Everyone I talk to seems to have a very strong opinion as to where on the banana-ripeness spectrum their preference lies.

My friend told me that her very young son will only eat "dotty" bananas…and her husband had the idea to "dot" them with a Sharpie to get him to eat them. It worked, by the way.

Read more... 

Nutella Swirl Banana Bread   --- by Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

4. Plain Jane German Chocolate Cake

I didn't think this was pretty and Pinteresty, but it surprised me with all the attention it got.  

Would you describe yourself as Fancy Nancy or Plain Jane?

I know, that's not really a fair question. I can't even answer it myself.

I'm a little bit of both... 

A blingy cocktail dress...
     or a flannel shirt and jeans.
A gourmet meal at a fancy restaurant...
     or grilled cheese at the diner.
A decadent dessert that's a work of art...
    or a plain piece of chocolate cake. 

Plain Jane German Chocolate Cake  --- by Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

5. Baked Apple Cider Donuts  

This was my first attempt at baked donuts, and oh, were they good! It was my most pinned post ever!

Apple cider and doughnuts go together like cheese and crackers; peanut butter and jelly;  spaghetti and meatballs.

The thought of fresh, cold cider paired with warm, home-made doughnuts takes me right back to childhood. Read more...

Baked Apple Cider Donuts   --- by Ms. Toody Goo Shoes
Have a very  
to those who celebrate...
 and a  
 to everyone!!!

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  1. All that looks good and I have gained weight just from blogging without baking. :)

    1. HaHa! So I guess writing about lamps isn't going to help me, lol!

  2. I should have stuck to making salads too and didn't. And the number that comes up on my scales ain't pretty! Your baked goods look just as delicious and fattening as any out there Amy :) Hope you enjoy your family and friends this holiday season!

    1. Thanks, Eileen! I fear that next year won't be any less fattening -- I think I have pinned every one of your recipes, and so there is lots to bake in the year ahead. Have a wonderful holiday!

  3. Oh yes, I remember the Bananatella Bread - yummy!

    1. I remember you made it for the Great Dane on a stormy night, when he was on his way home from a trip.

  4. It must have been so difficult to narrow it down to five, because I remember so many more yummy recipes!
    Merry Yummy Christmas!

  5. Just seeing this and oh my YES. These are all amazing recipes and I remember several of them from the last year. Me {and my hips} can't wait to see what you cook up next!! ;) Love the round up. My "best of" won't be out until next week and that is going to be hard to narrow down. You're so organized!! Pinning this! xo

    1. Looking forward to your roundup, Claire...I don't know how you will choose! My hips want me to blog about furniture next year ;)


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