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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ann's Oatmeal Cake: Morning Comfort Food

Oatmeal Cake - Comfort food for the morning!

Are you ever in a really picky mood 
about what you feel like eating? 

Usually, when it comes to food,
I'm happy with whatever I can grab out of the fridge first, 
but every now and then...I feel like something,
yet I don't know exactly what it is. 
It's more like I know what I don't want.

That's what happened to me yesterday.

 I invited a friend over for coffee.

 It wasn't breakfast.
It wasn't lunch.
It wasn't brunch.

I'd serve a fruit salad, and bake something.
I didn't intend to wait until the zero hour to bake... 
in fact, I did make something the day before,
but it didn't turn out great. 

Oatmeal Cake - Comfort food for the morning!

So now, it was 7:00am, 
and my friend was coming at 10:30am.
I had to decide if I was going to bake, 
or run out and buy something ready-made. 

I really preferred to bake, but...
it had to be quick and easy...
 I wanted it to be "breakfasty..."
and I had to have all of the ingredients on hand.

What I wanted was comfort food...
you know, like meatloaf and mashed potatoes,
only breakfast style.

I went through my recipe file...
Nothing appealed to me.

I looked through a couple of cookbooks.
Zippo. Zilch. Nada.

I gave myself 10 minutes to find a recipe on Pinterest,
or else, I'd have to run out and buy something. 

So many things sounded delicious, 
but I was feeling really picky.

I wasn't in the mood for fruity.
I didn't feel like nuts.
Chocolate wasn't doing it for me. 

Oy, 2 minutes left-- Pressure!
But then, there it was, on my "Just Desserts" board...

Oatmeal Cake.


Oatmeal Cake - Comfort food for the morning!

I pinned this recipe back in July
when Ann from On Sutton Place did a post on it. 
She always has great recipes,
and I think half of my pins are from her blog. 
She and I seem to be on the same wavelength
when it comes to desserts.

I had no time to waste.
It took only a few minutes to measure the ingredients,
and mix them up.
I soaked the oats, and let them cool 
while I did 30 minutes on the elliptical.

Hutz, mutz, clutz, it was in the pan. 
(I don't know where that saying comes from,
but a co-worker always said it,
meaning "in no time"). 

The cake cooled for about an hour,
and it was still warm when I served it. 
It was perfect.


I had two pieces while my friend was here.
I ate another right after she left.

Oh, yeah, I am going to be rockin' that tight red dress I'm wearing for Rosh Hashana on Thursday.
Can you say "Spanx?"

I wrapped what was left of the cake,
and stuck it in the freezer before I could be further tempted.

Oatmeal Cake - Comfort food for the morning!

The texture is kind of muffin-y,
and I bet it's amazing shmeared with butter...or jam.

This is going to be a "Go-To" cake for me
from now on.
 I think it should be for you, too.
"Go-To" Ann's right now and get the recipe.
And the next time you're in a jam,
or want something to eat with your jam,
 have your oatmeal in a cake instead of a bowl.

Oatmeal Cake - Comfort food for the morning!

To my friends who celebrate the Jewish New Year...Shana Tova.

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  1. Freezing would not stop me from eating another piece! Sounds good!

    1. I can't believe I haven't dipped into it yet. Oh, wait. I did, tonight!

  2. I am just as picky as you, Amy, and Ann's Oatmeal Cake looks and sounds like the most scrumptious solution to those challenging 'in between' designated meal times. I have a muffin recipe which sounds a lot like this; it's delish. And speaking of muffins, I baked a batch of your cinnamon cuties and they were perfect! Thanks for sharing!


    1. I was thinking that this recipe would be great as muffins. I'm so glad you enjoyed the cinnamon muffins, Poppy!

  3. That looks delicious, Amy!!! I love Ann's recipes, too. I am going to go over and copy that recipe over to my files RIGHT NOW! Hope you had fun with your friend! xo Diana

    1. Enjoy the cake, Diana! I snuck a piece out of the freezer tonight.

  4. It looks delicious and the weather is just turning a little chillier around here... Perfect for this recipe.

    1. It's so good in the morning for breakfast, with a cup of coffee. Or tea :)

  5. Yummy! I love reading your posts! I will definitely try this lovely cake.

  6. I like your descriptions of food preparation, sometimes sounded a bit like an action movie:-)
    I'll try oatmeal cake.
    best wishes

    1. Thanks, Iwona :) Glad you enjoy the descriptions. Hope you enjoy the cake, too!

  7. I love making quick cakes like this one. I like that it's texture is kind of muffin-y. Definitely adding to my "must make soon" list! PS: I love Anne's site too :)

    1. It won't disappoint, Eileen! I took a piece out of the freezer tonight for a treat ;)

  8. OMGosh love this recipe!

    Thanks for stopping by, I'm your newest follower :)

  9. I do the same thing! Freeze whatever is left over from something I baked that I can't stop eating!! This looks really good and just what I love in the morning....been eating oatmeal cookies out of the freezer. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Well, it didn't stop me tonight, AnnMarie. I took some out of the freezer for a treat :)

  10. I don't think freezing this cake would stop me from eating it either!! Warm from the oven though - that's heaven for sure! Good luck with the dress - Spanx are my best friend too. Heading over to Sutton Place to check it out right now!

    1. Well, it didn't completely stop me, Rosella. Have to admit I took some out of the freezer tonight!

  11. I totally get being extremely picky when looking for "that" recipe. It is amazing how with tons of recipes out there (Pinterest), it is NOT getting easier to narrow down the choices...maybe it is BECAUSE of tons of options on Pinterest that it is so hard....

    Anyway, Ann's recipe is awesome. I have been making it a lot ever since she posted it. It is kids' favorite snack (I cut down on sugar to make it more of a snack cake than dessert). I was going to write a post about it soon too, cause everyone ought to know about it:)

  12. Thank you Amy! That recipe is an oldy from my Mom so I think that's why it's awesome. So glad you liked it! I never even thought of freezing it though...thanks for the tip!

    1. I loved it, Ann! I had to freeze it for self-preservation, or I'd have eaten it all! I take a piece or two out on the weekend for a treat for breakfast! Love your recipes, Ann!

  13. Good on you to multi task the elliptical into your baking scheme. I did a youtube video on how to exercise while cooking brown rice! I can be done! Thanks for sharing your story and recipe at #theWeekendSocial. Always happy to see you Thursday's 9:00 PM EST. Pinned!

    1. Thanks for pinning, KC, and yes! We can do it all - exercise and cook all at the same time!

  14. I am all for cake for breakfast ... thanks for sharing! :) Happy New Year!

  15. Amy, this cake was so yummy I had to look up the recipe; I'm going to make it next week when Sir Sleeps A Lot returns from college!


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