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Friday, September 5, 2014

Fall Dessert Roundup and A Funny Coincidence

Four Fall Desserts ---  Ms Toody Goo Shoes

Have you ever had one of those  
"I can't believe this just happened" moments?

A coincidence of epic proportions? 

Well, I had one yesterday that still has me 
shaking my head in disbelief!

Before I tell you what happened,
you should know that I had a blog post all planned 
about the S'mores Cupcakes I made 
for Junior Goo Shoes' birthday last week.
Although I loved them, 
they were not as big a hit with 
Jr., Mr. or Aunt Goo Shoes as I thought they would be, 
so I decided to scrap the post. 

Instead, I'm giving you a roundup of 
my favorite fall dessert recipes...
which is bordering on the ridiculous, 
since I am sitting here shvitzing on my deck,   
in 90 degree weather,
dripping sweat all over my keyboard.


OK, so here's what happened yesterday.

I went into NYC in the afternoon for a 
doctor's appointment on the Upper East Side. 

When I was finished, I walked right past 
Eli Zabar's, (an iconic NY food store)
telling myself I would not under any circumstance
go in and buy something fattening.


After all, I just bought a dress 
for the upcoming Jewish holidays 
 that not even a double layer of Spanx will fix,
if I gain another ounce. 

 Under the spell of some greater power
I did an about-face, 
and marched myself into the store.


Well, for one thing, I rationalized that having spent an hour 

in a doctor's office on a gorgeous afternoon
warranted a reward...
and secondly...
I obviously have a problem 
in the will power department.

I ogled the cookies...
considered the savory pastries...
walked back to check out the loose candy,
having a tough time deciding on  
which guilty pleasure should be mine. 

The Jelly Belly's, Swedish Fish and Gummy Bears 
ultimately won out,
and I was smiling to myself how I would 
eat every last one on the ride home,
and no one would be the wiser.
Heh Heh Heh!

I walked up to the front to pay,
about to ask a woman if she was on line,
when she turned around...



12 million people in NYC on any given day,
and I bump into my sister???

We could not stop laughing.

She was there on business...
Eli's is one of her customers, 
but HOW WEIRD to run into her when she could have been working anywhere on the 34-square mile island of Manhattan. 

That's one for the Bizzaro books. 

And she caught me red-handed with the candy.

We did what anyone would do...
took a selfie and posted it on Facebook.

Yes, of course I covered our faces...
it was not the most flattering photo, lol!


Right after I left my sister,
I heard on the news that Joan Rivers died.
I had the opportunity to meet her back in 2010  
at a TV Guide event for work. 
She was gracious and lovely...
and of course, funny.
 Not the best photo, but it was a special moment, 
made even more special now.



Back to the recipes...
Maybe it will cool down,
and you'll be in the mood to try out 
one of these fall desserts,
which, unlike the S'mores Cupcakes,
were a hit with everyone. 

Four Fall Desserts ---  Ms Toody Goo Shoes

1.Baked Pumpkin Donuts with Nutella Glaze
2.  Nutella Pumpkin Pie
 3. Mini Pumpkin Pecan Cups
4. Baked Apple Cider Donuts

I'd love to hear about one of your
"I can't believe this just happened" moments!


  1. Saving the desserts on Pinterest till I re-lose my two pounds I can't seem to shake! They look really good! I usually don't get caught when indulging in the bulk candy area of Wegmans, but I did indulge in something ridiculous yesterday while my daughter was watching! I bought the pre-mix packages of Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte to try, just because that drink is all I hear about. I got home only to realize there is 25g of sugar in each one! Trying one this morning anyways....

    1. AnnMarie, I've had 4 pounds I've been trying to lose for a year! After this weekend, I'm going to DO IT! Oh, that latte sound so good! I would have tried it, too!

  2. Goodness these recipes look so good! I'm going to make the doughnuts for sure! That's a cute story about running into your sister in the city. We went to Mt. Rushmore many years ago and my husband had a t-shirt on with wording about our Cherry Festival here in Traverse City. Someone noticed it and asked if we were from T.C. and it turned out they were too and only a few miles away from where we lived! So here we were a couple thousand miles away from home and meet a local! We got a kick out of that!

    1. That is wild, to run into someone local so far from home! I hope you enjoy the donuts, Liz!

  3. You know how I feel about coincidences. Sort of like you can run with the fattening stuff, but you cannot hide. I saw the posting on FB but wasn' quite sure how that came about.

    1. "There are no coincidence!" It was wild -- I wish I could watch a replay just to see the look on our faces!

  4. Such a small world we live in! You've tempted me with those delicious fall desserts Amy. I'm thinking I must make a grape pie and crockpot apple crisp very soon :) What is willpower by the way - lol!

    1. I have no idea what willpower is! When you make the pie and crisp, you're going to invite me over, right?

  5. I have one of those dresses I'm wearing tonight - trying to be good :-)

  6. The world certainly is small sometimes! I went on a cruise years ago when I was single and ran into the older brother of a friend from High School--we danced and ate our way through that cruise. I had a blast. Will be trying out some of your recipes later, yes, when it cools down!

    1. I love small world stories! Hope you enjoy the recipes, Diana, and thanks for visiting!

  7. That is so funny and amazing that you ran into your sister in the same place and who could resist Zabars! I love that place too. Thanks for the fall dessert round up, they all look amazing.

    1. It was hilarious! I wish I could see a replay of our faces! I can never resist Zabar's!

  8. Oh my goodness those recipes look delicious! How am I ever going to get skinny - as though that will ever happen - ha! So cool that you bumped into your sister in the City. Chance meetings like that are always interesting. I had to laugh when I read your schvitz word - that is how we say it in Pennsylvania Dutch too! I love that you have a picture of yourself with Joan Rivers - she was hilarious and will be missed!

    1. Really? Schvitz is a Pennsylvania Dutch word? Who knew? It was hilarious when we noticed each other! My sister works in a different neighborhood of NY every day, so the chances of running into her were one in 12 million! If I keep baking, I'll never get skinny, either, Rosella!

  9. Those desserts look yummy! I have such a weakness for sweets, so I wouldn't have had any willpower going in that place either. My husband and I just went into Costco since it was new and we are now new members. I made sure to check out their bakery section. We came home with some delicious pastries. I'm not supposed to be eating them either since I just recently greatly improved my cholesterol. Oops! I've gotta be good next week then. Fancy you having gotten to meet Joan Rivers! I loved her. I was so sorry to hear of her death. Cute picture of you and your sister too.

    1. I like my sweets, too, Kelly, but then again, I like everything when it comes to food. We've been members of Costco for years, and I can barely walk by the bakery dept. I try to avoid it, but, sometimes, I have to give in. Try their meat - it is better than any supermarket (but I think I remember you have some great meat market near you). Yeah, the perks of my old job were pretty cool. I do miss that part, but nothing else!

  10. So yummy Amy! That is an awesome picture of you and Joan. I will miss her. Loved her so much. Happy Fall to you. P.S. I made that recipe and it was a HIT! I cheated and used canned corn lol.

    1. I'm SO glad you enjoyed the salad, Debbie! Happy Fall to you, too! I know how much you love it!

  11. What a funny story! Pinning your goodies for when a rare moment of domestic need hits and I feel like baking! The photos looked so good I probably added a pound from oogling them :)

  12. Wow! And you thought no one would see you buy candy... in New York! You shoud be thankful it was you sister and not your worst enemy!!! Just like you, I'm not really in the mood for fall as we have wonderful weather, but the recipes make me long for cooler days!

    1. I know, Magali! I was BUSTED! I think I am not looking forward to fall this year, because it means winter is coming, and if it's anything like last year, I will be miserable!

  13. Too funny!! That is a great story. I hope you and your sis enjoyed the goodies together :) And now I'm dying for a pumpkin doughnut!!

    1. Loi, I didn't share! I didn't offer her one piece, LOL! I ate them all in the car on the way home. How bad am I? ;)

  14. I want to try every single one of those desserts! You're so lucky to have met Joan Rivers. My friend has met her twice at airports and said she is so awesome and down to earth. One time she was riding the cart around and yelling funny things out as she passed people. How is awesome is that? I can't believe that just happened moment...Once I met a palace guard (aka beefeater) at a pub in London. We're still facebook friends. He had interesting stories!

    1. Wow, that airport story is the best! Pretty cool about the beefeater!

  15. What yummy desserts!
    Hilarious about your sister! Our funny moment was we went to a wedding for a college friend (the bride) out in California and ran into a friend from here in Connecticut who was there because he was friends with the groom. The groom was from Australia.

    1. Oh, boy, that's a good one, Michelle! This world gets smaller and smaller.

  16. I was in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada several years ago and ran into the parents of a friend. We were all from Oregon, and had no idea we were each going to be in Victoria!! Yummy, I love pumpkin, and your dessert choices look amazing!

    1. That's funny, Debbie! I love when those kind of things happen. Try the desserts -- they really are good!

  17. That is so funny you ran into your sister while buying that candy!!

    1. Shocking! I got caught red-handed with the candy! I wish I had a picture of our faces when we saw each other.

  18. This looks amazing! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

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