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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Baked Apple Compote

Ms Toody Goo Shoes: Baked Apple Compote - Delicious over pancakes, vanilla ice cream or mixed into oatmeal.

Are you a creature of habit when it comes to eating breakfast?

When I was working, I was on auto-pilot, and ate the same thing every day...
there was no time to think about what to eat.

Now that I'm not rushing off to catch a train, 
well, I'm still pretty much eating the same thing every morning, actually,
although I do seem to have seasonal eating habits.

Once fall starts, and through the winter, oatmeal is my breakfast of choice.
I usually sweeten it with a spoonful of pumpkin butter,
some sunflower seeds, flax meal and a few craisins.

I wouldn't have deviated from this pattern, 

but this recipe for baked apples caught my eye.

Ms Toody Goo Shoes: Baked Apple Compote - Delicious over pancakes, vanilla ice cream or mixed into oatmeal.

It's been in my recipe binder for years, 
but for one reason or another, I never made it. 
Until yesterday.

Oh, my, my, MY!
Can I tell you how good this is? 
I can...and I will...

You get the idea.
I liked it a lot.

I ate it three times yesterday...
 with yogurt and granola, on a waffle, and right out of the pan.
Good thing I didn't have any vanilla ice cream, or I would have had that, too.
This morning, I mixed the apples into my oatmeal, and I was swooning! 

Ms Toody Goo Shoes: Baked Apple Compote - Delicious over pancakes, vanilla ice cream or mixed into oatmeal.

I clipped the recipe from Cooking Light magazine, years ago.
The directions say to mix all of the ingredients together, 
 and cook in the microwave for 20 minutes.

Usually, I'm all for taking the easy way out, but somehow, microwaving apples, seemed... well, unbefitting of such an fragrant fruit.
Half the enjoyment of baking apples is taking pleasure in the aroma,
and I didn't want to deprive myself of that.  
I mean, the name of the recipe is Baked Apples, for goodness sake.

And so, because I had the time, I baked my baked apples.  

The recipe calls for six apples. That seemed like a lot, even for me.
I cut the recipe in half, but used four apples instead of three, 
since I wanted it to be more apple-y than cranberry-y.
 I omitted the walnuts, since Mr. Goo Shoes doesn't like nuts in his foods 
(not that I've shared any with him, yet, heh-heh).

Unless you want to make a shisl full (*Yiddish for huge bowl), 
you may want to make half of the full recipe, below.

Ms Toody Goo Shoes: Baked Apple Compote - Delicious over pancakes, vanilla ice cream or mixed into oatmeal.
Baked Apple Compote
(recipe from Cooking Light magazine)

2 cups dried cranberries
1 1/4 cups coarsely chopped walnuts (optional)
1 cup packed brown sugar
1 cup water
2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
6 apples - about 6 pounds (Gala, Rome, Ida Red or McIntosh)

Combine all ingredients in a large oven-proof dish. Bake at 350°F for approximately 50-60 minutes, or until apples are soft. Stir occasionally. 

Alternate method: Place ingredients in microwave safe dish. Microwave on HIGH for 20 minutes, or until apples are soft, stirring occasionally.

Yield: 6 cups

I think I'll make another batch on Sunday morning, and serve it over pancakes.
Wanna come over for breakfast?



  1. This looks delicious - I make something similar for Thanksgiving, but it has more crsnberries than apples. It smells great when cooking :-)

  2. How yummy! I can almost smell it now! What a great idea for this time of year too. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. That looks and sounds wonderful Amy! I giggled when I read the word shisl - I actually understood that word!! I need to make this - it's apple season after-all and I can think of a few meat recipes that this would compliment (as in Schnitzel etc.).

  4. I love the smell of baked apples. It looks delicious. Your pictures are gorgeous.

  5. Would I! This sounds so yummy! Have to make it, I have my steel cut oats every morning.

  6. Does the sun shine every day? Of COURSE I want to come over for breakfast! DUH! :)

  7. I LOVE it !!
    It is something I grew up with and we still have it almost every Friday dinner.

  8. Yes! I want to come over for breakfast! That oatmeal with the apples is exactly what I would love to be eating for breakfast and hopefully will be soon......making this!!

  9. Ooo, I love baked apples, I made a lot of them for the winter, and I will use them for pies and pancakes. In Poland, as we dry the apples and make them drink during the winter, and he also called compote. I will try your recipe with pleasure, especially in these cold mornings like today.
    best wishes

  10. My mouth is watering! Adding cranberries to my shopping list and pinning this for sure. Thanks for sharing!

  11. I think apples are the fruits of fall and they are so versatile you can make so many delicious things with them. This compote is packed with flavors!

  12. heavenly! I've been putting apples and cinnamon in our oatmeal but this sounds better!

  13. Last year I went on weight watchers and soon thereafter switched from one breakfast habit to another. I had been eating granola but learned that it was nine points while Trader Joes oatmeal is four so that was a no brainer. But sometimes I get this morning when I indulged in some ricotta cheese instead. I like the fact that I have all the ingredients on hand for this (except the apples lol) and it looks super easy and not too fattening. I will definitely give this a try :)

  14. Compote is such a great way to use apples! This recipe looks delicious. Thanks for stopping by our Happy Holidays Link Party - be sure to join us again this week (beginning on Saturday at 7 pm ET) and every week through the holidays.

  15. Thanks for sharing another fantastic recipe on #PureBlogLove ! I just wanted to invite you to join us tonight to share some more wonderful recipes at the party! Starts at 8 PM EST-runs through Sunday! I am excited to see what you share!

  16. This is my kind of baking! It sounds so good in oatmeal, my choice for breakfast when it is cold out. Thanks for the recipe!

  17. Okay, now I HAVE to make this! I went to save it in my recipe file and it was already there.....maybe from last Fall?! Oops, I know I meant to try it then. I have lots of apples so now is the time!


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