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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Five-Minute Fall Flower Pots

Five-Minute Fall Flower Pots: Super-easy ideas! Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

Are you completely into the fall groove yet?

I know that the calendar says October,
and the autumnal equinox has come and gone,
but these summer-like days are making it hard for me 
to fully embrace the fall with open arms, 
especially when said arms are still wearing 
short-sleeve t-shirts,
instead of wooly sweaters.

Nevertheless, I have started to dress my house in fall attire,
which is helping get me in the spirit.
I love fall best of all
(except when it's summer or spring, 
and then those are my favorite seasons)...
so, decorating with pumpkins and mums
is something I look forward to.

There's one thing, though.
I'm lazy.

  I always look to take the easy way out, 
and this year, I outdid myself.

I came up with a bunch of fall flower pots that can be assembled in under five minutes!
I'll be showing them over at A Little Claireification today,
and I hope you will pop by to see them.
It sure would make me happy 
if you left a comment at Claire's,
so I know that you visited :)
Ready to go? Click here!


  1. You gave me hope my friend, left a comment.


    1. Glad to help, Cynthia! I saw your porch post - it looks great!

  2. Love your flower pots! Going over to Claires now.

  3. Sounds like something I'd like to see. Heading over now.

  4. I love the fall too!! It really is a beautiful season. I do like your creations and the fact that they are easy; I like them even more!! ~ Catherine

    1. Easy is the only way I can do it, Catherine! I really do love fall, too, now that I've accepted summer is really over!

  5. Gorgeous fall planters, but I can see the leaves on your trees are still in summer finery!

    I pulled out my favorite Emily Dickinson poem this evening, about the time when "summer into autumn slips" and we have a hard time arriving in the new season.

    1. (Was unable to leave a comment at ALC)

    2. Thanks for trying, Merisi! Try unclicking the "Authenticate this Comment" box. I have so much to catch up on, at your blog!

    3. Yes, Meris, the leaves are still mostly green, and just starting to turn now. Sorry I haven't been by to visit your blog lately - I've been overwhelmed with stuff at home, but going to make up for it, and visit you tonight!

  6. I can definitely do these! Thanks for the ideas! I am loving the stacked pumpkins.

    1. Thanks, AnnMarie.. The stacked pumpkins are a nice change from the usual!

  7. Headed over and loved them! You need to come over and decorate my pots for me.

  8. You are TOO funny, you five minute fall flower forming, femme!



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