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Thursday, September 4, 2014

An Early Fall Vignette

 Hi, everyone!
Have you gotten your "Fall" on yet?

All I know is that it has been HOT HOT HOT 
here in NJ this week!
It feels hotter now than it did all of August.

Even though school has started...
the sun is setting earlier... 
and my hot pink toe nails are starting to look 
mighty out of place...
I'm trying desperately to hold on to the last days of summer.  
That's no easy feat,
when the entire Land of Blog is in full fall swing.

Truth be told, I got my acorns in a twist 
trying to come up with an autumn-ish post.
I didn't want to break out all of the 
pumpkins and gourds just yet, 
so I decided to ease my way in by creating a vignette
that has just a hint of fall.

If you'd like to take a look, 
click here and you will be transported effortlessly over to
a little CLAIREification,
where I contribute a guest post 
on the first Thursday of every month. 
 I'd be so happy if you would leave a comment there,
so I know that you visited. 
And I'd be happier, still, 
if you took a look around Claire's place. 
Let me just say that she has totally got the fall thing going on,
and I'm sure you'll find something to inspire you. 

Thanks, as always, for stopping over here...
I'm so grateful for your visits!
As soon as I've got my new volunteer gig under control,
I'll get back to regular visits and comments over at your place. 

And don't forget to visit me here, at Claire's today!

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  1. On my way over now ( but you know the way I feel about Fall Amy LOL )
    Your vignettes look gorgeous !

    1. I know how you feel, Suzan - it was 90 degrees the last few days, so at least it still feels like summer!

  2. I too, am trying to get my "fall" together. I want to do something different this year, not so orange! But how can you do fall with less orange?? Our fall festivals and craft shows will be starting soon and that alwasy gets us in the mood. I will pop over and visit! **Dazee

    1. Festivals and craft shows in the fall are so much fun! Thanks for visiting, Dazee!

  3. I could have written this post Amy. I'm just putting a 'Fall' bookcase together, albeit reluctantly ;).

    Love the crown! When you're done with it, send it my way.

    Being in Massachusetts, I can relate to the weather you're having. Funny...we put the AC on twice this summer, but just as often the last few days. Go figure.

    1. The crown is definitely yours, when I'm done with it, Doreen! I got it at Home Goods, by the way. It has been SO hot this week...finally going to cool off tomorrow.

  4. I haven't gotten any of my fall items together. I have to get a move on because I want to make changes. You are so right this week and last have been the hottest in NJ this summer. The humidity has been awful. Can't wait to see your things for fall.


    1. Yes, it was the humidity that was so uncomfortable! I'll start my fall decor outside in a few weeks. It's too hot to think about now!

  5. I've seen conkers, acorns and fallen leaves. I love this time of year!

  6. Mums are my favorite fall decoration. Decorating for the seasons here in Southern California is not very satisfying since every season is kind of like all the others. Even so, I'm definitely getting some mums for my patio so I can pretend I'm in Chicago!

    1. I love mums, too, and I plan on getting a lot for my front porch, but I'm trying to put it off for a few weeks!

  7. I love your vignette! I'm living vicariously through bloggers to get my fall fix. Everything is full on tropical at my casa right now and I can't bring myself to change it with this heat. I'm still stalking every fall post and enjoying all the fall pins.

    1. It's so hot here, too, that I can wrap my head around fall yet!

  8. I love your vignette. I never seem to get my act together these days with fall decorating, although I do love the colors! Will head over for a visit! :)


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